Trump’s Goose Got Cooked

By The Chief

Can’t say I was too surprised, but I will, this election feels stolen. While I do believe Trump should concede (more on this later), here is a very interesting exchange that occurred on Fox yesterday during the results coming in. This is in regard to Florida and Arizona. In both states, it showed a close race between both Trump and Biden, so I understood networks holding off on a call one way or the other. Florida which had been counting ballots for about 4 hours at this point stood at 96% counted, only some (very red) parts of the panhandle outstanding. The decision desk kept saying they couldn’t make a call, because Broward County (AKA Palm Beach) was still counting. They even cut to several “live” shots of sunny Broward County albeit at 10 pm local time showing counting still occurring. Broward County is famous for finding several boxes of ballots in a parked vehicle every election cycle that just somehow turn up. Nonetheless, Florida was called for Trump about 15 minutes later, Trump winning by, call it 3.2%.

Let me continue my hypothesis

Donna Brazile had a meltdown on TV exclaiming there was still a path for Biden to win. At the time, she was correct because actually there were several; quite a few actually. Enter the Network decision desk, calling Arizona for Biden with 75% counted, and a Biden lead of roughly 150k votes, with over a million to be counted still. The “desk” defended its call citing polls (the same ones wrong about FL) and internal metrics. Karl Rove asked then how come Texas, and Ohio aren’t called for Trump with the Donald winning by about 8% in each with a threshold over 90% counted. The “desk” said the votes outstanding were from Democrat areas. Rove countered saying he is from Texas and none of the liberal areas had any ballots reporting as not counted yet. More importantly the “desk” was making it sound like Trump’s 600k lead in Texas could disappear….it didn’t, the races were both called about 45 minutes later……

In tandem with the reluctant Florida call, Minnesota and New Hampshire were given to Biden. Yep two states who pundits on both sides thought would be nail biters. My point here is the narrative changed. Florida going red gave Trump all the momentum, Arizona swung it the other way. Polls mattered in FL, OH, and TX, but not in AZ. Once this occurred, again a miracle came through. Simultaneously, the vote counting centers in Atlanta, Detroit, Madison, and Philadelphia all decided they were not releasing more results that night. This was at about it 10 pm CA time. All the while Trump led in NC, GA, PA, MI, and WI, a major wall of states with many combinations to victory. I retired to bed at 11:45 with Trump leading in NC by 80k with 96% of the vote in. GA by 102k with 95% of the vote in, PA with a 700k lead with 67% in, MI with a 102k lead with 90% in, and WI at a 120k lead with 92% in. At 4 am this morning, WI was Biden by 20k. At lunch they had called MI and WI to Biden. GA and NC haven’t moved or reported new numbers, and PA has tightened but the margin is still large. My point again is the narrative has been created that Biden won, and it’s all over. It would feel much different if NC, GA and PA were called for Trump, leaving toss ups in AZ, MI, WI and Alaska.

But alas, its 4 years of Joe? Jill? Kamala? Pelosi?

Folks I made peace this AM that this thing was over. There is no way the media or the elites could allow the Orange Man to have 4 more years. The networks (including Fox) have made it apparent that Biden is their champion and that the supporting results are an insignificant detail. If Trump persists in counting, he has been cast as the spoiler. The only good to come of this will be the entertaining theatre (yeah I said it) involving the Broad Squad, LIZ and Bernie, Kamala and a host of other loons trying to jockey for position, should Depends wearing, dementia having, Joe Biden be declared incapable of leading the country. I say this because, folks, Pelosi wasn’t floating the 25th Amendment to rid us of Trump. It was a test balloon for Biden. If Biden slurs his speech at the Inauguration or the State of the Union, how long ‘til the left pulls the papers on him? What if he forgets where he is, or finds his old desk in the Senate and tries to pass a bill? Most will say it will be Willie Brown’s mistress (Kamala) running the country, but I have a feeling she has some favors others will be calling in as well.

The Chief

Editor’s Note: Two related stories of interest were circulating today of massive vote fraud. One sounds like the mob’s contribution to JFK in 1960 when after a pause in voting, Chicago found just enough votes to edge out Richard Nixon and give the White House to John F Kennedy.

Suddenly 138,000 Michigan Ballots Appear This Morning ALL FOR BIDEN, ZERO FOR TRUMP This story appeared on many websites today (11/04/2020)

If you can’t read this, Trump went unchanged while Biden was given an additional 138,339 votes.

The second story today is that more votes have been cast in Wisconsin than there are registered voters. It happens every election in California and per past discussions with the Sith Lord, it happens in Sacramento County every election cycle. Various precincts in the county have above 125 percent turnout. The Dems just have the good sense to rotate which precincts each election so there’s no obvious pattern.

Even the Big Talker, Rush Limbaugh, gave prominent mentions to both stories today.

By the way, the Trump campaign has now made it official, demanding a recount in Wisconsin because there are more votes that have been counted than there are registered voters in Wisconsin. Also, very odd: Michigan. Michigan found over 100,000 ballots. Yeah. They just came across a hundred thousand ballots, and you know what? Every single one of them has Joe Biden’s name on ’em.

Trump Campaign Demands Wisconsin Recount

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  1. What about this story that 138,000 ballots was announced at 2 am, Nov 4 all for Biden -not a single vote for Trump in Wisconsin. This is statistically impossible per Maria Bartiromo from Fox Business. This should be investigated.

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