Newsom Arbitrarily Closes Restaurants

In yet another drive-by attack on the private sector and the American way of life, California’s Executive has demanded the closure of bars, restaurants, and beaches lest people might celebrate the Independence Day holiday coming up this weekend. This is in addition to local governments in most places cancelling fireworks displays that real people might actually attend and enjoy.

We all now know thanks to Some Black Lives Matter that all people that came before us were evil whether they supported or opposed black slavery—please note that present day slavery in order to build iPhones and mine raw materials to build electric cars and solar panels is perfectly ok—but I digress.

Anyway, the Pontiff of California has decided that people living their lives in liberty is a threat to his control of the populace. He can take all these punitive actions with a clear conscience because there is no way the Orange Man will win in his state and Gavin hopes that as goes California, so goes the nation will ring true. He’s banking that Uncle Sam will then use the power of the press—no not the liberal media and tech companies—but the printing press at the US Treasury to print their way out of this fiscal mess. We all know that once Hidin’ Biden is elected that China—you know that country that engineered the Wuhan Flu and gave it to the world —will once again be our ally and start buying our T-bills in record numbers like they used to before the Orange Man stole the election from the entitled Secretary Clinton.

Folks I’m so angry at all this nonsense I’m beyond words. In know that the restaurants have been following all the BS rules they have been shackled with and on the whole were doing a great job trying to stay open. Most people just want to make a living and be at peace with their neighbors and somehow that’s not good enough for Newsom. It is typical Liberal behavior, punish the innocent instead of the guilty.

Oh, lest you think this is just a blip on the radar, I’m warning you that Gavin is very close to trying to force us to shelter in place again. I predict about two weeks from now that he will claim the continuing spike in Covid-19 cases is due to family gatherings over the July 4th weekend and he has no choice but to further roll-back the openings. Remember that he says we can never safely and fully reopen without a vaccine. Also, his pronouncements were on the very same day that Congress renewed the $600 a week bonus for unemployment benefits. This is not a coincidence. Guess Newsom figures the optics aren’t that bad when the Feds have your fiscal back.

Against this backdrop, the fourth or fifth attempt to recall the governor is now underway. What a laughable windmill to battle. Not only do these guys have no money for such a venture—which is both typical and laughable—but they have no candidate that is better than Gavin to put in his place. Sorry but you can’t recall the governor and then leave the office vacant until the next election. If there was a guy better than Gavin, then why didn’t he run?

I told Johnnie Does and The Chief at our last Pow-Wow that the family is getting out of this wretched state as fast as we can make it work. Long ago, I promised you dear readers that Gavin Newsom would remake California—the whole state—into San Francisco. How’s that going for you? Just think, you folks get him for governor for six more years. I plan to be living in one of the free and thus prohibited states on Attorney General Becerra’s list long before Newsom is finished with his rampage.