Mini Mike’s Millions

Just a quick note on Mike Bloomberg’s campaign for President. Mike has reportedly spent close to half a billion dollars (~$500 million for folks in Rio Linda) yet I have not seen a single ad for his campaign. Not on radio, television, or the Internet! How can this be? Where is all that money going?

Truthfully, I think the answer is that Bloomberg’s pockets are being picked by his political consultants. It’s not unusual that consultants get as much as 15 percent of whatever the candidate spends. Bloomberg is also paying extra for media buys since many people want to advertise and there are only so many slots. In economic terms, demand is higher than supply so the supplier can pick their price for their product. As a result, “Mini” Mike is not getting much bang for his buck.

While I vote Conservative, I’m registered as having No Party Preference (NPP)—the second largest political block in California—yet I have not heard from any candidates other than President Trump. The County Clerk has offered me the opportunity to vote in one of four party primaries—none of which was Republican—so in theory I could vote for “Mini” Mike, or Crazy Bernie. About 30 percent of California is NPP and yet nobody is reaching out to us. I vote in every election so frankly I’m surprised.

Thus far, Bloomberg is not getting his money’s worth; however, there is one area that I expect he may drop even more funds. I think Mike will make candidates an offer that many can’t refuse; namely, I look for him to offer to pay campaign debts of those that drop out in exchange for their endorsement of his campaign and pledge of their delegates. I will qualify this idea by acknowledging that this might hinge on the outcome of Super Tuesday.

For a guy that’s supposed to be this big shot billionaire, Bloomberg is more out of touch than Biden or anyone else. He also has a deficit in charisma and personality and no amount of money can fix that.

H. Ross Perot–a Presidential candidate that was all ears

Bloomberg really makes me miss Ross Perot. Perot was entertaining to watch and had a much larger following than Mike ever will.