Romney Sells-out Trump

As all the news networks will point out, Donald Trump was acquitted today by a vote in the United States Senate. However, it was not a party line vote. Not one single Democrat joined the Republicans in acquitting him. Was it Lisa Murkowski from Alaska? Susan Collins from Colorado? Cory Gardner from Colorado? The last 2 are going to be in for tough re-election battles and I could have seen them waffling or playing it down the middle, they chose not to. In fact all 3 voted to acquit. Remember the line from the OJ trial…if the bribe doesn’t seem legit…you must acquit. Or something along those lines! Who was the lone Republican Senator who voted to convict the Trumpster?

I figured it had to be someone from a “moderate” state or something, since these guys mostly do anything they can to win their next election. Nope, it was Mitt Romney. Yep, the junior Senator from Utah, a state which gave Trump 45% of the vote despite the efforts of a “conservative alternative candidate” getting 27%. Romney, the same Senator who pleaded for Trump’s support in 2018 when he ran for Senate, cast the lone GOP vote to convict. Romney is an LDS (Mormon) and garnered 68% of the vote in Utah the same day Republican candidates in the House were going down in flames. Just keep in mind, not. A. single. GOP. House. Member. Voted. To. Convict.

So…Troll Roast him!

Mitt Romney you are a useless, chameleon. Literally you change your stripes more than the Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland. You voted for the tax cut, sure but look at all the fees you raised as governor of Taxaschusetts! You were a big pro-choice guy…all the up to 2005 when you claimed you had an epiphany, then you entered the 2008 presidential race! However, in between, you vetoed a pro-life bill on the grounds you wanted emergency contraceptives available in hospitals in Massachusetts! When your term was up, you were one of the most unpopular governors in the country….I guess it’s hard to please them all! So, you ran for president in 2008, lost, then ran again in 2012 and again you lost to a wounded Barack Obama. You fell victim to your politically correct ways wanting to shy away from taking him on directly, fearing to be labeled a racist.

Cheshire Cat

Keep in mind, this same Romney that supported the TARP bailout in 2008 because… well, Wall Street needed it. Worse yet, when asked if he would support Trump in 2016, he was adamantly against Trump. I place Mitt firmly in the “anyone but Trump, until I need a job” category. I am willing to bet the billions he made at Bain Capital, outsourcing millions of American jobs overseas, that he voted for Hillary. I can say this with almost 100% surety because in Massachusetts where he lived at the time, only Trump and Hillary were on the ballot; lest you admit you didn’t vote. Upon Trump’s election, he sought him out looking for a job as Secretary of State, and when you weren’t picked, like the jilted ex-boyfriend, you decide to go on the warpath.

(Why is it that only Senators that have resided in Massachusetts want to go on the warpath? –Editor)

Mitt, you changed your address in January of 2018 to run for Senate in Utah. This is a textbook definition of carpet bagging. You sought out Trump for an endorsement, Trump graciously gave it to you without precondition, and I would say it helped. Now you pay him back with this? C’mon Mitt!

Congrats on the Senate election. You may think you made friends this week; however, the cameras will be back on the Democrats running for President and the leaders in the House and Senate. I think you will find yourself very lonely. Worse yet, you have proven a turncoat. You are the worst kind of person Mitt.

Oh, let me know how Christmas and other family functions are between you and your niece, Rhonda Romney McDaniel, the Head of the RNC… personally picked by Trump. I would be curious to see your endorsement page in 2024 when you run for re-election.

Rhonda Romney McDaniel with the Orange Man

Now back to Jennifer Aniston and Hope Hicks.