Iowa Democrats Now Say Its Trump’s Fault

Just when you thought Trump could wipe the political sweat off his brow, now this. Iowa Democrats—who ran their own caucus process—now say that their problems are Trump’s fault.

After first blaming an app for the inability to declare Monday night, a problem that still lingers even as frustrated candidates have packed up and moved on to New Hampshire for the nation’s first primary, the state party is blaming the president’s supporters.

Workers manning the phones in Iowa after the state’s disastrous caucus on Monday reportedly claim that President Trump backers flooded the hotline number for precinct chairs that led to even more confusion and disarray.

Trump supporters flood hotline for Iowa precinct chairs, adding to the confusion: report

Ken Sagar, a Democratic central committee member in the state, told a conference call Wednesday that on the night of the caucus, Trump backers were calling in to voice their support for the president, Bloomberg reported.

Ok, given that their creator and CEO is running for President, is Bloomberg news a credible source for this report? Just wondering….

Assuming that bogus calls are the problem with the Democrat backup plan—which is a stretch—how do you know the callers are really Trump supporters? They could be drunk fraternity brothers prank calling.

Can you imagine that as being an equally valid reason? Next they’ll say it was calls from Russia. Bottom line is Democrats had four years to figure this out—it worked OK four years ago—except for the part where Bernie won.

In related news, Democrats in other states are taking steps to prevent a repeat of the Iowa fiasco. The Troll has assured me that this counting problem would not be an issue in states where they use paper ballots. His sources claim that Home Depot is giving Democrats a contractor’s discount for portable drills so they can automate their ballot stuffing operations. Democrats are paying extra to buy batteries from Elon Musk because they are so good that they only need to be charged once every four years.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez

DNC Chairman Tom Perez is on the record as saying that Democrats are committed to preventing voter interference in future elections.

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