2020 Dems: Seasoned all white meat

Since Cory Booker threw in the towel on his presidential campaign, conservatives has been mocking the remaining field incessantly. Frankly, I think Dinesh D’Souza is gloating and ready to respond with a hearty “told ya.”

Babylon Bee

It started with the Babylon Bee.

DES MOINES, IA—Authorities are warning that a gang of known criminals is currently holding a meeting to debate various plots to steal your money.

The criminals are debating exactly how much of your money to steal. Some are suggesting stealing all of your money, while others would just like to steal most of your money. Whatever the case, they all agree on two things: A.) you have money and B.) it must be stolen.

“I know!” shouted one of the criminals, an older man with frizzy hair, known throughout the criminal underworld as a seasoned veteran when it comes to stealing people’s money.

Warning: Gang Of Known Criminals Holds Meeting To Discuss How Much Of Your Money To Steal

Democrats, however, were unhappy with the news, insisting their party deserved better, more diverse candidates. “These people are all rich, white, privileged scum,” said Bernie Sanders as he rubbed a balloon on his head to prep for the debate. “If my opponents cared at all about diversity, they would drop out and let me win.”

The FCC will soon ask viewers to upgrade to color television in advance of the presidential debates this fall, as the incumbent will require televisions that display a brilliant orange hue.

Reminder: You No Longer Need A Color TV To Watch The Democratic Debates

Talk shows commented too

Then radio talk show host Kevin Jackson piled on.

The other day President Trump held a rally in New Orleans, and a college championship football game broke out.

Not to be outdone, Democrats held a Klan rally where a debate broke out.

Sadly for Democrats, they have nothing to run on. Baby Black Jesus is gone, and secretly Democrats are happy. They showcased their feelings about Obama, as they overlooked two of his proteges, namely Harris and Booker. Both are junior senators, black with no Negro dialects. A chip off the old Obama block. Yet they, and two other blacks get no love from the Party of Lynching Negroes”.

Democrats Latest Klan Rally They Called a ‘Debate

Subway Restaurant Ad

Last night, I noticed that fast food sandwich chain Subway had swerved into the fray too.

It happened like this, I was at guy’s night out watching other folks drink beer and talk about being good husbands to their wives—an honorable goal for a man—when over the shoulder of the pastor was a graphic on the television that said, “Seasoned all white meat.”

Subway Fresh Value Ad Commercial on TV 2020

My first thought was the articles above which I had read and thought what a perfect description of the 2020 Democrat field. How else would you describe them? All the front runners are very old, angry, seasoned citizens, full of preservatives and antibiotics, and everyone is white.

Folks I really don’t care what color someone is because I do agree with MLK that you should judge a person not by the color of their skin but the content of their character—something anathema to Democrats who claim the mantle of this black, Republican minister. Sadly, Democrats only care about your category not your character.