iOS 13 Shares Your Credit Card Info with Strangers

More bad news hit the streets today as multiple people using Apple’s iOS 13 report gaining access to credit card data of complete strangers.

That, however, doesn’t change the fact that iOS 13 is riddled with bugs that forced the US Department of Defense to issue a warning asking users not to update. Unfortunately for Apple, this wasn’t the end of it as a Reddit user found a severe bug in iOS 13. According to u/Thanamite, he was changing his iTunes credit card when he noticed that his credit card info was replaced by someone else’s credit card. He noted that the credit card belonged to a woman in Illinois and he was able to access all the information including the address and credit card number. This is enough information for someone to empty the card without the user even realizing it. This wasn’t the only case as another user published the same experience on Reddit a few hours ago.

Both the users noted that they have reported it to Apple who then escalated the issue to the senior management. Apple has told that the company is aware of the issue and is working actively to fix it. We don’t know if the issue will be patched with iOS 13.1 or not.

iOS 13 might be leaking your Credit Card details to random strangers

Apple’s spin doctors have yet to respond to these reports. The article concludes with this warning:

In the meantime, we would urge our readers to remove their payment information from their iPhone. We are not sure if the issue is specific to iOS 13 or not…

“…not sure if the issue is specific to iOS 13…” that’s comforting. I guess Apple’s ideas of sharing user data with third parties is a rather fluid definition of the concept.

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