Under Armour Inc. Switches to Inflation Based Pricing

By “The Chief”

William and I have been surprised lately by the statistics showing “jobs growth,” most of which coming from low skilled positions by the way, however an advertisement caught my eye in my inbox yesterday. I shop, like many other Americans online; usually getting free shipping and most of the time paying no sales tax. Under Armour basically spams my inbox daily; however, this one was a doozy and the guy who sent it out probably should be re-assigned. Here at reallyright.com we don’t have a practice of call for people to be fired (unless they work at ESPN or for taxpayers). Take a close look at the email…it says additional 30% off! Yet the prices of said items have actually been marked up by 30%. Not a great look if you are a major, publicly traded company, especially one with a ton of people who consume your products.

Under Armour plus 30 percent sale
Hurry 05/22/2019 Only

This is really a rough look, which makes me wonder if they decided to switch to an inflation model where the price changes as inflation rates are dictated? Or is this a new Venezuela based system that since the value of the currency is so low the price must keep going up? Either way rough look, nonetheless. What’s even more disturbing? The original email went out at 9:58 am and the retraction didn’t go out until 6:15 pm. Who was minding the store? I find it hard to believe no one caught this…this is a pretty large error? The retraction gets sent at the end of the day? I wonder what sales were like? The types of things in this society that go unnoticed blows my mind.

As an additional nugget a “pride email” showing off their newest “pride offerings” went out as well, and there were no errors in that, so I guess we see where they stand on “the issues.”

This is an issue that has been building for a while now, I will detail it in a future blog, but the “job growth” is happening at the high end, or the very low end. The 90-day types will cheer the job reports, but mass layoffs have started, and it is not pretty. These are low skilled workers assigned to social media/email accounts trusted with sending the info out. They are monitored by aloof absentee middle managers who spend most of their time applying for their next job, so retractions don’t go out till later. Anyone want to take bets; if the “pride email” was screwed up, a couple of people would be paying with their jobs?

“The Chief”