2020 Election Begins

I know that many Democrats have already declared their candidacy for President, but this is not what I’m referring to in this case. Now that the Mueller Report was released and found Trump did not collude with Russia—which we knew 2 ½ years ago—we can begin to see what Trump will do between now and the next election.

The theme for the 2020 campaign will be this: American Values versus California Values.

Trump will be for freer markets, changing the structure of the bureaucracy, and getting as many promises as he can codified by Congress. Trump will champion traditional American values. Also, adding more judges to the Federal Bench.

The Democrats will try to out do each other promising a Socialist Utopia on the one hand and looking to add even more felons and illegal immigrants to both the dole and voter rolls. Heck in just one speech last week, candidate Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren promised one trillion dollars in new spending if she is elected as the next President.

Symbol of National Socialist Party

The other reason it will be equating Democrats with California Values is that in the heartland nothing is more toxic than comparing anything to California. We may have great weather but the ideas that are popular here are insanity to right minded people.

California is hostile to God, patriotism, American history, free markets, personal property, individual freedom, free speech, religion, traditional values, the elderly, unborn, academic freedom, business, and common sense.

Ronald Reagan campaigned against Jimmy Carter on the question, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” In that spirit, Trump may very well ask if you will be better off after four more years of my leadership as opposed to what is offered by the Democrats? This election will hinge on a right direction, wrong direction question. I think Trump will win by a larger margin even with all the election fraud and tampering that the Democrats are interjecting into the process. (See California, Virginia, and Florida.)

Blacks are better off under Trump than they were under Obama. Ditto for Hispanics, Asians, business owners, and on down the line. Trump will continue to offer disruption to business as usual in Washington while Democrats will offer disruption of our lives, livelihood, and freedom.

In my opinion, should Trump fail, the Republic is over. It may be over anyway, but Trump is our last, best hope before we go over the demographic, ideological, and fiscal cliffs. Literally the point of no return.

I fear that we are in the decline analogous to the decay of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah in the Old Testament. You know what I mean. King (insert name here) did more evil than all his predecessors. He died and the next guy was even worse. Every so often, a king would be a bit of a rest from the trend, but he too would fail and then the decline would continue. Finally, the nation was overrun by their enemies, sacked, and the population enslaved.

Democrats are offering to skip the enemy invasion and enslave us themselves. No, I haven’t forgot about the border invasion. Democrats are ok with those folks as long as they can enslave them and control them too. If people come to America wanting freedom, they will not be welcome here.

We are balanced on the knife edge of history; one side will prevail. Our only hope is that God, in his mercy, will tilt things in the direction of grace not continued judgement.