Facebook Rot Continues

More bad news following a very bad week, last week which was capped-off with a live Facebook broadcast of the shooting in New Zealand

Link: Zuckerberg’s bad week gets worse with FB live of Christchurch shooting

now emerges a story that Facebook has stored your password in plain text available to any employee and anyone with access to the house that Mark built. This has been their practice since 2012 and at least 600,000,000 passwords are involved.

“Security rule 101 dictates that under no circumstances passwords should be stored in plain text and at all times must be encrypted,” said cybersecurity expert Andrei Barysevich of Recorded Future. “There is no valid reason why anyone in an organization, especially the size of Facebook, needs to have access to users’ passwords in plain text.”
Facebook said there is no evidence its employees abused access to this data. But thousands of employees could have searched them. The company said the passwords were stored on internal company servers, where no outsiders could access them. But the incident reveals a huge oversight for the company amid a slew of bruises and stumbles in the last couple of years.
The security blog KrebsOnSecurity said some 600 million Facebook users may have had their passwords stored in plain text. Facebook said in a blog post Thursday it will likely notify “hundreds of millions”…

Facebook leaves millions of passwords readable by employees