Apple’s 5G Problem Revealed

Apple has no plans for a 5G phone in 2019. We have reported that several times on this blog but recently more information has come to light. The truth is Apple has no supplier for the technology. Why, because they have burned bridges with everyone.

Apple has four choices for 5G

  1. Qualcomm – Apple has disputes with this competitor. Source
  2. Intel – Apple is dropping Intel as chip supplier. Source
  3. Samsung – Apple’s direct competitor in cell phone mfg. Samsung #1 in the world, Apple #3
  4. Make their own – starting from scratch and not running afoul of existing intellectual property and patents is problematic and years from concept to production

As we have documented elsewhere, Apple has already bought folding screen prototypes from Samsung and now they might need their 5G chips too; and you wonder why I say Apple is the Me Too company?