Review: Dinesh D’Souza

I knew that Dinesh D’Souza was supposed to be in Stockton last Friday but at $50 per ticket, there was no way I could afford to go let alone take the wife and son. The day of the event, I got an unsolicited text message from the Sith Lord asking if I was interested. It seems the promoters had given the Sith Lord nine tickets for the event. These weren’t just tickets but VIP tickets. I told him that I was interested but could not attend the VIP event prior to the event. After a short phone call with my wife, we decided to go on a road trip to Stockton that evening to see D’Souza.

The only exposure that our family had previously had with D’Souza was via his movie on Hillary Clinton.

For those unfamiliar with D’Souza, he researches history and digs up nuggets of inconvenient truth that have been buried by those in power because their past is often at odds with the narratives that they put forward. Truthfully almost everything you were ever taught in school about history is so incomplete as to be completely untrue.

D’Souza’s appearance was at the Bob Hope Theater in Stockton. The venue can hold up to 2,000 people.

Based on the amount of paid security and other employees, this place cost the promoters a pretty penny. In my opinion, based on the number of comped tickets available the day of the event, many in attendance didn’t actually pay to attend. I think that fiscally this event was unprofitable. I would guess the crowd to be less than 400 souls.

D’Souza was entertaining and spoke at length about the success of President Trump in spite of the relentless and blistering attacks on him. His basic thesis is that Trump’s ego is so big that Trump doesn’t care what people think about him. That coupled with the fact that Trump gives more pushback than he gets allows him not only to survive but thrive. In an era where “politics is perception” Trump is a non sequitur.

D’Souza then went on to talk about his films and presentations on the typical college campus. As is our experience as Conservatives, once you get past the bumper sticker slogan that someone on the Left has memorized, they are out of substance. D’Souza talked about his mission not to convert the hardcore Liberal but reach the person on the fence in order to get them to think. He expressed his mission as to provide irrefutable information that undoes the conventional narrative and hope that causes folks to further challenge their worldview. D’Souza never stated so, but his belief in the Truth prevailing is due in part to his faith in God.

Peppered throughout his discussion, D’Souza also spoke at length about the history of the Democrat Party and the lie of socialism. In light of constant attacks on history and Trump (and I guess a new book that he authored), D’Souza once again put to rest the lie that National Socialism was an ideology of the right. FYI: Socialism, Fascism, and Nazism are all the exclusive purview of the Left. The real zinger to me was the claim from his new book that the Nazi’s rules on the treatment of Jews were a direct rip-off of Southern Jim Crow laws. D’Souza claims to have a written record of this early 1930’s meeting in Germany. I would be skeptical except he wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true; he has too much at stake to be wrong.

D’Souza is not alone in correcting the record by any means but as an immigrant from another country he doesn’t have to deal with the construct placed on us that have gone thru the American educational system. I have found D’Souza correct in his information and analysis. He is only controversial because he is confronting recent history and current events. D’Souza is only controversial because the truth is counter to the prevailing narrative.

This also true with much of what passes as American History. If you want a voice correcting the record for another era of our nation’s history–namely the millennia prior to the Vikings–look up three books by Barry Fell: Saga America, Bronze Age America, and America B.C. Last I checked they are out of print, but the basic point is that everything you think you know about “Native Americans” is wrong. For example, people in the time of heyday of Carthage and Rome travelled here all the time and so did others. Fell documents much that has fallen into obscurity or runs counter to academic dogma.

D’Souza is worth listening to because he has the pulse of what is real in an age of noise and fury. I’m gratful that the Sith Lord made this night possible for my family.