Conversations with the Naïve II

This took record time but in our second installment we already have a repeat offender. 90 Day Calendar Guy appears to want the title of most naïve person alive. This one is painful but here goes….

90 Day Calendar Guy talks himself up like he is some kind of savant when it comes to purchasing items online through various platforms like EBay, and Amazon.

He recently bought a Spigen case for his iPhone off EBay, and it showed up in the office today via USPS mail. I have never seen a grown man rip open an envelope so quickly, one would have thought it was A Publishers Clearing House check for life…it was a stupid cell phone case!

Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol–how Boomers got rich before the lottery was legal

He put it on his iPhone and then sadness, the “parts that cover the volume and power buttons on the phone were hardened rubber, not flexible rubber.” He called me over, and was perplexed. This was real Spigen so how could it be defective? I told him, “That’s not real, it’s a cheap knockoff.” He rebutted saying, “Why does it say Spigen then?” I guess no one on earth is allowed to use that word except the manufacturer? Naivety folks….big time naivety.

Spigen Case

Even worse, I asked him where he bought it from. He said he wanted to keep the money local so it was a local buyer. (For those who wanted to know return address was Zhandou, China.) I asked him how much money he saved and he replied about $5…. Yes folks, for the price of $5 in gas you can drive to about 10 cell phone accessory stores within minutes of our office! Oh and he would have acquired a real Spigen case, not a cheap knock off.

He took the case off, and tried to play it off as nothing. I taunted him with, “Hey you saved $5 though…keep it big picture.” I told him to file a complaint with EBay. His response…the guy had all 5 star reviews. (Yes moron, all from people like you who thought you saved a pant load) He logged into his account on EBay and said the seller had his account suspended by EBay…shocker, really stunned by that outcome!

Here is what makes this all that much funnier, he then took everything I said and called it his own for the rest of the day. Saying Trump needs to crack down on the Chinese for copyright infringement…..yes counterfeit Spigen cases seems like a good one for some international court. Then he said its EBay’s fault for allowing a counterfeit seller….again how can they possibly guarantee authenticity? Unbelievable.

Here is the issue, he needs to get his blinders off in regard to price… The man will literally run through traffic to catch a nickel rolling out of his wallet. It is hard to watch, but at the same time you get what you pay for. Anyone should have a spidey sense that goes off telling them something is not right, why is this product being sold cheaply?

Spidey Sense — that little voice in your head that tells you something bad is about to happen

Why is someone from China shipping to USA for free? The truth is the product was likely a cheap knockoff not counterfeit, and dude you bit the hook so hard you were the world’s easiest catch! You have never learned a lesson. You have also replaced your flat screen TV 3 times. I have had my flat screen longer then all 3 of yours have lasted… The reason, you are enamored with saving a dollar. You are the poster child for penny wise and pound foolish. Again this person spends hours of his time watching TV and searching the Internet….not a great look. Buyer beware! With the advent of the internet, the scammers can now take their game to untold heights, and they will continue to get away with it. But hey look at the bright side, you saved a couple bucks!!!!!!!

Unreal, but naïve people are out there among us, and some will never learn their lesson.