Dems Might Unfriend Facebook

The media doesn’t think they are biased. They are Democrats in their thinking regardless of their voter registration. When something benefits or advances the Democrat agenda that is not remarkable to them, it is “normal”. Anything that goes contrary is concerning and perhaps newsworthy.

 Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal published a shocking news article that Facebook and “big tech” might not be the friends Democrats thought after all. The article has lots of pop-culture mythology in it that illustrates that many still bitterly cling to the Russia interference myth created by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Facebook accidentally helped Republicans in 2016. Please note that Facebook helping Democrats in 2008, 2012, 2016 is not newsworthy because that is what is expected of them thus “normal” behavior.  The article quotes many leading Democrats—mostly Senators where they are the minority—decrying that “big tech” may need regulation. The author shockingly concludes that Facebook, Google, et al are just corporations and not the friends that Democrats thought after all.

 Sadly, the WSJ article is buried behind their pay firewall