Live look at Burned Toast in North Dakota

You smell that smell?  Not the ethnic food you ate last night, I mean that other smell, like burned toast?  That’s what a certain soon to be former Senator from North Dakota smells like today.  No, not because she voted no on Kavanaugh, but for the reason she gave.  Sen Heidi Heitkamp who by the way comes from a political family a la the Clintons in North Dakota, said she didn’t vote to confirm the good judge because she believed Dr. Ford, the accuser, not Judge Kavanaugh the accused.  Even though the accuser’s story could not be verified and the FBI came to a similar conclusion after their own investigation…Heitkamp still voted no.  Then proceeded to say the investigation was not thorough enough.  Keep that last sentence in mind as I drop this new revelation that came out about then Attorney General of North Dakota Heitkamp…..

US Senator Heidi Heitkamp

While Heitkamp was Attorney General AKA the second most powerful law enforcement official in North Dakota from 1992 and 2000 she ignored rampant sexual harassment and assault at Wahpeton Indian School.  This is a boarding school for troubled Native American Students (No word on if Elizabeth Warren is familiar with said school).  A teacher was accused of sexually assaulting a young girl.  Heitkamp looked the other way.  Heitkamp you may recall gave this reason for not voting to confirm Kavanaugh “Our actions tonight are a poignant signal to young girls and women across this country.”  “I will continue to stand up for them.”  This leads to an obvious question, where were you when your “constituents” needed you most clown?  Why didn’t you stand up for women during your time as Attorney General?  Apparently you believe Native Americans, most in North Dakota live far below the poverty line and have no access to running water or electricity are just throwaways, shame on you.  Heitkamp for what it’s worth said it is not the Attorney General’s job to sue or enforce the law it’s the bureaucracy’s job.  Maybe someone should make sure Xavier Beccerra of CA gets that memo?  He sues the Trump administration by the hour.  Glad you feel so self-righteous about a vote to oppose a duly qualified judge to the highest court.  Maybe you can charge yourself with some sort of failure to prosecute crime?

But wait there is more…..

The Heitkamp campaign over the weekend took out a full page ad in an “open letter” to her opponent criticizing his position on protecting sexual assault victims.  This printed AD listed over 100 names of women who were victims of sexual assault…..allegedly.  Allegedly, because several named women have come forward saying they never gave permission to use their name publicly!  Kind of a big deal.  Other names were discovered as never being victims of sexual assault, yeah the women came forward saying #NotMeToo.  Heitkamp denied any involvement saying it was the first time she had seen the ad, kinda funny being it was paid for by her campaign. Either she delegated this campaign job to Aaron Park or she is lying. Woah! I think we can gather up the hymn books on this one, and I think I hear a portly sized women warming her vocal chords up…I think this one is over!

Heitkamp #MeToo open letter used women’s names without permission

ND-Sen: Victims furious after Heidi Heitkamp campaign identifies abuse survivors in ad

Heitkamp looks to be borrowing a chapter out of the Democrats new playbook, accuse someone erroneously of sexual assault.  Back it up with omitted facts and errors and then when all else fails just deny you ever had a part in any of it.  Even worse it seems the playbook also includes denying the same accusations decades ago, ala Bill Clinton.  Heitkamp could well face charges for running that ad without obtaining permission from those women. Also I think it’s Libel when someone writes something publicly that isn’t true?  I will defer to Heitkamp on this one, since she is you know an attorney…allegedly.  I feel kind of bad for her, her family’s political name is officially tarnished for generations.

That is the one nice thing about a dumpster fire, no one puts it out; it just keeps raging until it no longer has fuel.

a dumpster fire waiting to be extinguished

I predict a big win by her Republican opponent Kevin Cramer…actually YYYUUUUUUUGGGGEEEEE!

BTW the “Chief” will have no comment on my now fellow Indian by blood Elizabeth Warren, however as the Chief I designate your new tribal name as “Squaw of Crazy Ideas.”