Bill Cardoza is a Liberal Part 1 of ???

Bill Cardoza is a member of the CRA. He serves on the Board and has been identified elsewhere on this blog as the “Wookie” with aspirations to be the next CRA President. The vote will happen early next year. Cardoza is not known for consuming vast quantities of adult beverages, but he pals around with Jorge Riley aka “the drunken Jedi.” Riley has problems holding his liquor unless it’s securely stowed in his backpack. He always impresses me as being wasted and often dresses like he is on a 72-hour bender. Both these fellows are nice enough to talk too at a public gathering, but they are deeply flawed and not fit for leadership. Below I lay-out my case for opposing Cardoza’s aspirations to be statewide President of CRA.

Bill Cardoza—photo from SRA website

In high school I was told the word sophomore meant “wise fool” if that’s the case Bill Cardoza must mean “useful idiot” or “loyal follower.”  This guy worked for many years at the Board of Equalization (BOE). If you’re wondering what the heck that means, it’s the state organization that until last July oversaw collecting sales and use taxes and redistributing them to their respective counties, cities etc.  Of all the people, one would think Mr. Cardoza would have in depth knowledge of tax bills/propositions on the ballot, right?  Especially because he worked for BOE and also did time in and around the State Capital, tax policy should be his forte.

Two years ago, the CRA had a regional endorsing convention and among the items we were voting on were two tax measures scheduled to appear on the ballot.  I am going to zero in on these two very troubling votes Mr. Cardoza made.

Measure B
The first, Measure B, a countywide sales tax increase, “allegedly” to fund transportation projects and fix potholes and stuff.  Cardoza decided he was the only man in America that should take the lead in discussing the impact this would have on everyone’s wallet, being he worked for BOE; I respectfully deferred.  He stated Measure B “only rises sales tax by half a cent” (8% to 8.5% in Elk Grove, where I reside).  Note the word, “only” very odd choice for a self-described conservative.

I had had enough, so I blew him up similar to how I would blow up a bathroom stall after eating four chipotle burritos for lunch!  (Sorry for that image.)

I immediately called him out saying “only” as in like we can all afford it?  His response was “transportation projects are needed in this area.”  Typical RINO gibberish; we pay some of the highest sales taxes on a rolling county by county basis already!  When I read a quote from Regional Transit General Manager Henri Li saying it would go towards “well needed raises for my staff”, ummm what?  I thought it was for transportation stuff not salaries?

Henry Li—Regional Transit

When faced with this response “Liberal Bill” looked dumbfounded saying “it’s a transportation tax”.  Obviously shaken, Cardoza retorted “plenty of local electeds are supporting this measure, including Darrell Steinberg” (D-Weak-Kneed Bozo), sounds like a good reason to support this right?

When I said voting against this measure would actually lower our sales taxes by .25% again I was met with faces in utter disbelief. The reality was that the old Measure A was going to run out, hence the urgency to pass this POS.  Boom roasted Bill!

Roasted Bill We serve our Bill flame broiled but never fried

In a rare moment of sobriety, Riley turned to Cardoza and said, “dude really?”  The attempt by Cardoza went down in flames just like his run for CRA President will if I have a say!

Funny, Cardoza looked very similar to Alexander from Pinocchio aka the boy who turned into a donkey after abandoning his morals, and realizing he was going to work hard labor for the rest of his life!  Interesting symbolism there, Cardoza turning into a donkey…the donkey being the Democrat Party image of choice….hmmmmm.  Just a note: the measure barely lost, failing by only 8,100 votes, nice work Liberal Bill!  Despite his best efforts to stop it, our taxes actually went down, a rare win for the little guy!

Alexander from Pinocchio

Measure M
The second showdown featuring “Liberal Bill” was a local (Elk Grove area mostly) school bond authorization, Measure M.  This was near and dear to the “Chief” because his property tax would rise by at least $75 and likely a lot more if it passed.  Cardoza again filibustered. Seated feet away from him was a candidate running for school board in that same district. This candidate had spent several thousand dollars opposing Measure M and was a fellow delegate to the endorsing convention!  Despite his best efforts, CRA finally had the sense to oppose both Bill’s position and Measure M.

Rumor has it “Liberal Bill” even single handedly killed the issue at the local Republican central committee convincing them not to take a stand on the issue.  When election time came, the measure carried by a large margin thanks to “Liberal Bill” and his buddies.  Lots of hard work by both a candidate and a friend of mine went down the drain do to your lack of basic understanding of how taxes and fees work.  Thanks to Cardoza running the end around, my property taxes went up substantially, so I tell people I had to pay a Bill Cardoza tax hike!

Now, I have heard this character wants to run for CRA President, ummm yeah no.  Bill Cardoza is a liberal, there is no defense to this.  Bill is the worst of the worst, he is a professional chameleon and an obvious Ted Cruz supporting, very confused person who likely hates Trump.  Bill is clueless so I feel badly for beating him up….well not really. Unlike Facebook, we here at Reallyright give our correspondents the freedom to dance on people’s graves and Mr. Cardoza you are next!  By the way are you related to former Congressman Dennis Cardoza?  You both share the same quizzical look!  What are your accomplishments that lead people to believe you would be a good President?  I hear crickets?  By the way I have it in writing from a direct report of yours that you supported both measures passing and did your part to recruit people to vote in favor or take no position.

So, when you see Bill Cardoza ask him:
1.  Why do you think we should pay higher taxes?
2.  Where is your political spine?
3.  When did you get so out of touch with the GOP voter?
Or maybe just tell him he should give lower taxes a try!

Bill Cardoza… out of touch…..dangerous for CRA President!

As the great one Mark Levin would say “HE’s a LIBERAL