CRA Makes Fox News

The Anti-Trumpers which include the CRA and many in the irrelevant California Republican Party have come to the attention of people at Fox News; well sort of…

Apparently some pundits are bailing on the GOP and embracing the Democrats as a way to stop Trump from reducing government, strengthening our borders, and reshape the Supreme Court. Defending the status quo as it was under weenies like George Bush (either one) is a paramount value for these guys. Sadly, the article never directly mentions the CRA or the confused commentator Glen Beck by name.

Some big-name, anti-Trump conservatives, such as Bill Kristol, argue that it’s better to stay and fight for a better GOP, which they define as veering away from the president’s most controversial policies.

But for others, the Democrats that they’ve spent their lives battling suddenly look like they’re worth dating, if not marrying.

Even as these pundits argue that Trumpism is ruining the GOP, the president is enjoying record-high support among Republicans. Bottom line: They aren’t bringing many voters along with them.

Divorcing Trump: Why some conservatives are now pushing Democrats

It’s amazing what a guy with a spine like Reagan or Trump can do in a world of invertebrate politicians.

Oh, the CRA and CRP are mentioned in the last part of the article “Bottom line: They aren’t bringing many voters along with them.”