Who Led the Walkout on March 14th, the Students or the Teachers?

Faithful followers, your humble correspondent intercepted a communique from the Elk Grove Teachers Association by facsimile at the beginning of this month regarding a student led walkout protest in regard to the recent shooting in Florida.  As a note to the CRA readers and the occasional Park offspring that read this blog, we do not condone any part of the shooting in Florida, this is merely to point out that fault lies with parents, teachers, and the students during these subsequent walkouts nationwide.

First of all, to the teachers and parents of this country, you are both directly responsible for this radical walkout, let me explain.  When William and I were young lads many moons ago, if us students planned a protest or demonstration we would be instantly shot down, by said teachers and parents.  The words, “sit down, shut up”, or “life isn’t fair” were uttered constantly.  If we didn’t obey, a subsequent trip to see the principal and a phone call to your parents and likely a suspension was warranted.  Yes, these were the days that a parent (or educator) could spank you so hard you couldn’t sit down for a day or two.

Oh, the good ole days…

Fast forward twenty some odd years and we get to the current political climate.  Now you have a generation of 40 to 55 year-old parents whom after having their feelings and voice suppressed want their children/students to do their bidding for them.  My reasoning, someone explain to me why a local K- 8 grade school had a massive walkout here?  When I was in Kindergarten through 8th grade school I was more worried about whether we would be playing football or basketball during recess and hoping I wouldn’t get cooties from girls, hence I find it very hard to believe these same students today could decide to walk off campus in a protest!  I didn’t know who the president was and definitely didn’t know much about gun violence.  But wait; what about social media?  No K-8th grade student is that plugged in; sorry to say, these protests were all led by their parents and teachers; sorry.

Let’s face it, sadly we live in a world that has become very politicized, and filled with breaking news, not correct but being the first to break it.  This political climate started during the end of the Bush II administration and has progressively gotten worse since the election of CRA enemy Donald J Trump.

Let me take a couple of steps back and try to make sense of this for you.  It used to be that a teacher’s job was to teach, and this job didn’t pay well, but the benefits and having summers off coupled with the love of children and joy of teaching outweighed the salary part.  Currently, teachers believe they should be paid north of 100k to start, and get the same great benefits, coupled with no accountability at all.  Actually, this is not far off, some school districts start at 75k, have great perks, and most importantly grant tenure after just 2 years of teaching!  Yes folks, they get a “you can never be fired pass” after just 2 short years!
(Editor’s Note: while technically two years, the administration approves and submits the tenure paperwork when the new teacher is about 18 months into their teaching gig.)

It used to be if you wore a Reagan/Bush/Clinton shirt you were sent home or told to turn it inside out. Now you can wear a “F**k Donald Trump” or “Kill a Cop” shirt and if you’re a teacher, you’ll be eligible for sainthood and if you’re a student you are accounted as “a forward thinker.”  The problem is people who have no business teaching are now in the classroom because they view teaching similar to being a doctor or a lawyer, it’s a money making career.  Go to a local school, look at most of the teaching talent, I wouldn’t hire most to work the till at your local Burger King let alone teach my child!  Don’t believe me? Go complain to the principal or the school board about this, you would be labeled as a racist or a homophobe or a bigot.  Speaking of school board, WTF has happened to that group, it used to be they fought over should we teach sex-ed to 7 graders or eighth graders, now it’s should we give condoms out to students in 4th or 5th grade?  Or we need to pass a school bond to make gender neutral bathrooms, or to create a safe space or best summed up at a local charter school out here a “Peace Pole.”  Well I guess a peace pole is better than a stripper pole, seeing the number of teachers arrested for having a sexual relationship with students so far this year already…but I digress.

Politics has no place in our schools or class rooms, however all that has changed as well.  These classrooms have become a propaganda machine for left leaning groups looking for lambs to lead to the slaughter later in life.  I don’t want you to believe me; just ask one a question to see for yourself.  Ask who the President is, you will likely get a very serious response of “He isn’t my president” “He was helped by Russia” “He is a racist”.  The answers run the gamut.  Then ask about Barak Obama, the answers will be completely different; they have been fed propaganda by their teachers in order to create a permanent voting class for dependent liberals.

So now I will tie this all into the protest, point by point as taken from this intercepted communique from Elk Grove Education Association.
Click here for EGEA Memo

1. Do NOT advocate certain political positions or encourage students to participate in a non-authorized student demonstration.

Well this is fresh, so they can pander all they want on any other day, but don’t you dare state or advocate a political position during the protest?  Heck why not play the Anthem of our Country, you have probably already conditioned your sheeple to take a knee during that!  Additionally, non-authorized? What the actual heck, if you’re under 18 and something wasn’t authorized as stated above, sit down, shut up, and learn.

2. You should not be perceived to be participating in the activity.  Instead, your role during such activities should be supervisory.

Again, what the heck! You should participate, you should supervise?  Please explain the difference to me between don’t participate but supervise?  So, I can walk off as a teacher but hide behind the excuse that I need to supervise little Mike on his way off campus?  What about the other students?  Is Mike 18?  Why is he allowed to leave without parent consent and being present with said child?  Hell, supervise; 7/9ths of teachers can’t supervise properly during yard duty let alone a protest!

3. Follow instructions and plans of your site administrator.  Some sites may be planning activities during this event.

Site administrator?  What are we talking about here a website?  As far as activities being planned, there is an activity planned that day it’s called a faux Donald Trump Protest, these kids don’t know anything about the circumstances of the shooting they just hate Donald Trump, because their teachers and parents told them too.  Additionally, was there a permit pulled for this protest because they took place on public property, or was it exempt because Donald Trump?

4. Do NOT prevent a student from leaving your class who wants to leave.  Follow your site procedures about reporting this behavior.  Do NOT question or draw attention to a student’s participation or choice not to participate.

If a student wants to leave, especially one under 18, fine they can do so if accompanied by a parent (except when going to the local abortionist and then it’s illegal to tell the parents). As far as reporting the behavior goes, give little Mike an A for the day as far as properly following protocols.

So yeah, that’s pretty rich; but it’s right there in black and white. The teachers who tell our students complete untruths regarding Donald Trump, now want to be seen as neutral?  That’s preposterous.  The real sad thing about all this kerfuffle is most students and even adults have no real idea what happened during and leading up to that shooting.  As far as where that lunatic got the gun, or what his motive was, who cares?  The SOB is gone from this earth.  Maybe we should discuss cyber bullying?  The internet is a place where people can be anonymous and bully or troll anyone they please.  Maybe we should discuss banning bump stocks and conversion kits, but should we also ask why it is that during an Antifa or Occupy Wall Street rally law enforcement usually recovers a cache of weapons including; rocket launchers, grenades, tommy guns, etc.?  Those are far more capable of ending human life than a legally purchased AR-15.  Maybe we should discuss arming a few personnel on campus, not open carry but concealed carry.  How come these protests didn’t happen during the Obama presidency?  Why has the older generation been allowed to ruin America’s future generations for the sake of having their children/students be social justice warriors?


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