Jon Fleischman goes full CRA at GOP Convention

The GOP convention took place in southern California this past weekend and what a doozy it was!  Steve Bannon—the former Trump advisor—did a keynote dinner which is surprising due to the number of people in the CAGOP that hate everything about him and President Donald J Trump.  This led to some interesting developments.

Former CRA President, Jon Fleischman did a full 180 on Trump. He put out an email to all of his “readers” saying Bannon was on fire, and on point lighting up the establishment!

Wait, full stop, isn’t this the same guy who skipped the Convention in Cleveland, Ohio as a delegate because he hated Trump?  Didn’t he spout off over and over again about how conservative “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz was?  He also basically quit the party and wanted to punt the election to Hillary Clinton so we could try again in 2020?  Wasn’t he a ringleader of the Never Trump faction of the Republican establishment? So now this same Fleischman wants us to believe that he supports the President?

In short ,Fleischman and others in the CRA like to pick winning horses after the race is run. This is not a principled stand. The truth is that Trump has proven more conservative than any candidate backed by Fleischman or CRA. It reminds me of the saying “Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan.” Jon is piling on the “Me Too” Express long after the train left the station. Where else could he go? There’s no way he can back the Republican Congress for advancing their agenda.

This is not an isolated example.  How many times did the CRA endorse Kevin McCarthy?  He is no conservative.  However, every time he’s in front of a microphone McCarthy calls himself a conservative. He proudly said so on many occasions this past weekend. Truth is that Keven has never met a conservative that he wasn’t more than happy to throw under the bus to advance himself.

Fleischman and CRA endorsed John McCain and Mitt Romney, because they would rather jump on the bandwagon than stand for any principles.  The CRA and Fleishman were so cocksure Trump would lose the Presidential contest that most didn’t even vote in the November election; Fleischman proudly admitted this on his blog!  The CRA—like Fleishman and the CAGOP—are trying to act as if they were behind Trump from the get go but they weren’t unless they mean behind Trump the way the Roman Senate was behind Julius Caesar one March 15th many years ago.

Trump did exactly what he said he would do in DC, drain the swamp; I—just like William—believe he is shining a light on the swamp!  Trump is exposing the liars and the charlatans that claim to be conservatives, but are frauds.  The whole Republican establishment is running like cockroaches that were caught in the light when asked to enact their campaign promises into law. Talk about duck and cover! Notice that not a single congressperson from the Orange County area—where the convention was held—showed up?  The four of them know their careers are in peril and wanted no part of Bannon calling them out in front of convention attendees.

The point of this post is that next time you see or hear a CRA member or CAGOP member talking up their conservative credentials; don’t believe them, they are just wolves in sheep clothing.  Actually better yet, they are lambs in wolves clothing.  This group will always run from their conservative talking points and endorse or back someone who has no credentials at all such as Ted Cruz.  It’s over for CAGOP and CRA. They should just pack up their tent and go home.  And Fleischman, do everyone a favor next convention, have a flip-flop party for Trump on your own dime, or even better change your blog from the “Flash Report” to beliefs you can change in
…in a flash.


Author: Mr. X

The man with no name.