NFL Bleeds Greenbacks

Not surprisingly, the NFL is bleeding cash as a result of dissing the national anthem.

Remember the axiom, he who defines the issue, wins the debate. Kneeling was originally ill defined as a full throated support of killing police because a few of them may have done “the wrong thing” while on duty. Much of this was based on lies that were popularized without vetting the evidence. Yet another example of not letting facts get in the way of a good narrative. Yes, there are examples of police wrongdoing but they are few compared to the number of people wearing a badge and protecting our communities. Few of these are motivated by race contrary to what Kap and BLM said.

Tying the NFL to a race issue in this way is stupid because the overwhelming majority of players are minorities in privileged positions. I don’t think most even know why they are kneeling except because they don’t like Trump. Trump called them out and a hell broke loose. As Merle Haggard once said:

“When they’re runnin’ down our country, man
They’re walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me.”

This is what Trump saw and he also saw that the NFL refused to police their own and said what he thought. Their problem is how to get back on track and not look like President Trump is right. Whether you like him or not, Trump is on the right side of this issue and so, thankfully are many Americans.

The field of play in a sport is not the forum for individual expression. In fact on a team, you should expect to have to watch what you say and how you behave. You represent the team 24/7. The NFL has refused to hold players to account for many years, some of us have finally had enough.

Hey NFL, if you respected anything other than money, this never would have happened. First rule of holes is quit digging. Anyway, the fallout has started to hit the broadcast networks.

CBS earnings to disappoint due to weak NFL ratings, Credit Suisse says

The analyst said CBS’ Sunday NFL ratings are down 17 percent year over year during the first several weeks of the football season, according to the report. Sheikh released a similar report last week on Twenty-First Century Fox’s earnings, which he also expects to disappoint thanks to weaker ratings by the NFL.