The CRA, Aaron Park, And Anthony Cannella are all the same on Taxes

Loyal readers, the Blog Father, William, spoke about the recent “bi-partisan” tax increase at length the other day and I want to expand on it slightly.  This type of horse trading and phony math has been going on in this state for generations.

Let’s start with the phony math
The 7 billion that is not being accounted for in KCRA’s math?  Does anyone think the bullet train is getting left out of this “transportation tax?”  To be clear, X does not support any tax increase, but does support $$$ for infrastructure repair.  Let us not kid ourselves, 15 billion for “potholes” is just putting lipstick on a pig. We tried that on the Oroville Dam and look what happened!  X prefers total tear down and rebuild, similar to what William warned about earlier saying wait until the big one happens and we will see how badly mismanaged this state has been.

Fixing potholes does not fix infrastructure, it’s simply a waste of time; however, it does create busywork that very highly compensated state employees are capable of doing. It’s all temporary fix work.  With all the billions going to public transportation, when is the last time you saw someone actually riding the bus/light rail?  Most ride public transportation because they don’t want to be stuck in gridlocked traffic and pay for parking in downtown areas. For their trouble, they actually pay $35 per month and we pay the rest.

Folks, the lion’s share of this new tax money is all going to Los Angeles/Bay Area communities, some monies may trickle down into San Diego, Ventura, Riverside, and possibly Sacramento.  Other outlying areas? Well you may get an extra bus on the route, or an extra bus stop or two put in.  Most likely this money will be diverted by the local city/county/bus authority to shore up future healthcare/pension benefits and prevent a system wide shut down like BART experienced not long ago.  The other revenues raised from the tax increases amount to the same old same old; walking paths and bike trails?  Does anyone even use those anymore?

The horse trading aspect is most troubling
A CRA endorsed State Senator, Anthony Cannella, took a 400 million dollar bribe; err, I mean promise of future work to be done in his district to provide the decisive vote for this tax increase.   Cannella is a sell out in the worst way. Roger Niello, also a CRA favorite, did the same on his way out of office.  Cannella and people of his ilk are why the Party has dropped below 30% registration statewide. Even low information voters have figured out that if even Republicans are willing to accept tax increases what do they really stand for?  The state party and the CRA are in a horrible position. They have no clearly defined set of goals or beliefs and as a result do not police their own.

Over the years, I watched personally as the CRA endorsed; Mike Villines, Roger Niello, Anthony Cannella, and Anthony Anderson; all of whom reneged on the no new taxes pledge, but I guess these were fees?  Keep in mind folks, the CRA endorsed Ted Cruz after it was certain Donald J Trump would have the delegate count required to advance to general election!  Fear not, Cannella will have no problem finding his next political job, is the State Insurance Appeals Board still around?  Remember the board that retired legislators got to sit on that required very little time commitment and a six figure salary?  Cannella might see his name pop up there too.

To be clear, if any of these clowns were running for re-election or election near the unit where I was CRA president not only would they have been non-endorsed I would have seriously advocated for endorsing the Democrat; why have the light beer when the regular one will do just fine!  By the way, evil State Senator Steve Glazer, a Democrat who worked for Jerry Brown was the lone Democrat to oppose the tax!  Heck I would even venture to call Glazer a hero of the taxpayer, but that’s ok; meanwhile, the GOP will keep telling us we need to support more Anthony Cannella types in order to appeal to more voters.  Excuse me while I go barf.  Meanwhile I heard the CRA had career politician and definition of low energy Ted Gaines highlighting their convention a few weeks ago.  Go Team!

My tie-in to Aaron Park?
Well he may act all far-right and self-righteous on his blog but he would have voted for it too.  Actually for a conservative, Park actually does not even mention it on his blog, not that it matters when you draw about 30 clicks a day, 29 being yours and the other being your brothers.  I know Aaron; he would have asked for the money in cash as opposed to hoped-for future projects in his district.

Personally, Aaron should run for office under the slogan “Beliefs I can change in.”  I have to give Park credit, he and his group of LOW ENERGY IMPACT REPUBLICANS spend about $30k to beat a guy running for a supervisor seat.  By the way, anyone know what happened to the other idiot Park brother George?  Last I heard he was seeking greener pastures in Nevada, since his type of political fertilizer has lost its potency in California. Like the influence of the California GOP, he has been slowly fading away. In the decade that I have known him, he’s gone from being about 400 pounds to about 110. Clearly Aaron hasn’t learned everything his brother could teach him.

Anyhow til next time,


Author: Mr. X

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