Election Night Winner and Losers

Faithful readers, your humble correspondent X spent election night holed up in a hotel in Las Vegas with the wife watching the returns come in.  We had a great night! When I say “we”, I mean conservatives, not wishy-washy phony republican wannabe types.  I will lay out the winners and losers as well as provide my usual commentary as I sit in McCarran Airport waiting my flight home.

The insurgents: by insurgents I mean the Trump brigade who were behind him since day 1, that would include many readers of this blog, as well as the Blog Father and myself.  This group of people also known as “deplorables” carried Trump across the finish line; he somehow was able to connect with several hundred thousand more people than a traditional republican campaign could and won convincingly.

Senators and Congressman in tough districts that stood by Trump: This includes some favorites of “X” such as Ron Johnson and Pat Toomey, of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania respectively.  They stood with Trump and as a result Trump voters selected them not their democrat challengers.  By the way both were written off for dead by the national party!  Additionally even republicans on the various networks thought we would lose more than a dozen seats in the House, as of this writing we lost only 6 seats!  Once again if you stood with the silent majority you likely won, even a couple members won re-election in seats Obama carried two years in a row!  Let that sink in for a minute.

Established GOP politicians and “journalists.”  I am going to name names, and not be very nice.  Sen. Lindsay Graham and Gov. John Kasich, you both are the two biggest losers.  First neither of you ever had a good thing to say about the nominee for President, nor did either of you honor your pledge to support the winner of the nomination.  Worse yet, neither of you voted for Mr. Trump.  Congrats, you’re officially losers!

Also a special shout-out to the RINO nominees of the past. George H. W. Bush, John McCain, George W. Bush, and Mitt Romney. We’ve held our noses to vote for you Country Club guys every four years since 1988 but when it’s your turn to take one for the team, you wash your hands of Trump and all of us. Clearly you guys are more interested in maintaining the status quo than rescuing the country from the Democrats. It just proves that Elites like you are the problem.

Sen. Mark Kirk and Sen. Kelly Ayotte, both of you ran from Trump, and both of you lost.  I’m not sure why you decided to take that strategy but as a result you are both now joining the ranks of the unemployed.

Journalist losers:  This includes; George Will and Bill Kristol, neither of you are worth the skid mark on the back of your drawers now to me.  Will, you looked like a bumbling idiot on election night and thankfully Fox took you off the broadcast.  Kristol, I’m not even sure where to start with you, first you hate Donald Trump, no need to cover those emotions anymore.  Second you tried to recruit an independent candidate throughout the entire process to play spoiler.  Congrats, your independent candidate did as well on election night as I did at the blackjack table!  Kristol your new nickname is Pampers, because as far as I am concerned you are both full of the same thing!

Cal Thomas: you saved yourself by penning a column on the election eve saying you were in the Trump camp. You acted like a clown during the entire election process but you saved yourself; barely, in my eyes… you are still a loser; however, unlike Hillary you were somewhat able to save face.

Now the TV and local personalities:  Michelle Malkin and Joe Scarborough, congrats, you bailed on Trump, now I’m bailing on you.  Michelle Park Steel, you and your buddy Jon Fleishman both bailed on Trump. Steel even went as far as calling Trump a “clown” (well I am forced to give her the benefit of the doubt since she is married to one). Also, Sheriff Scott Jones needs recognition for waffling on several important issues and then compounding it by dissing Trump. Unlike some others this cycle, Jones does get to keep his day job.

The CRA and Tea Party: both organizations wanted nothing to do with Trump.  The Tea Party reluctantly came around toward the end and did all they could.  The CRA? Nothing but crickets out of that group of losers; all of them. Frankly I’m convinced the CRA leadership bought the domain name http://www.tedcruz2020.com anticipating a Trump loss.  Oh well, I guess your guys can run third party in 2020.  (Republicans are a third party in this state already.) Sad to watch honestly, that group is so leaderless, and responsible again for the CA GOP losing seats in the state assembly.  In addition, the CRA did nothing about a tax increase in Sacramento County. Thank god a couple of people put up signs and it looks as if the tax will fail.  CRA, instead of doing something constructive this cycle, you endorsed Ted Cruz and made him a part of your official platform and then sat out the election when he quit in disgrace. Instead of backing the nominee, the CRA faithful defected to the Never-Trump movement!  Your movement and clubs are officially dead and gone.

Bonus Commentary from “X”
Trump and Obama actually have quite a bit in common, none of it being policy related.  Both brought scores of new people into the political process by the nature of their campaigns.  Obama promised hope to those in the black community, and as a result, twice he was re-elected by large margins.  Trump went straight to the middle class- those affected by job losses, high health insurance premiums, and loss of home and autos.  As a result he waged a war against the establishment of both parties and won a convincing victory.  While the CRA and others tried to stop him; he prevailed. Now he has a mandate and we will see real change.  Working class members of our society came out in record numbers, and as a result an electoral landslide occurred; one that has pundits on both sides reeling and trying to figure out how this could have possibly happened.

Democrats are left leaderless and need to search for the soul of their party.  They will rebound, but they must do some major platform revisions.  Voters threw out the Obamacare, free college, free programs, free trade agenda, they want it replaced.  Democrats need to stop attacking people’s livelihood, such as banning guns, ammo, and coal mining.  Sen. Sanders even acknowledged during the campaign guns are a large part of the economy in Vermont—his home state!  Why can’t we mine for coal and export it to other countries?

Also, quit calling people names; “deplorables” and “angry Americans clinging to guns and religion” just makes the other side mad, stop that immediately.  Stop making people feel inadequate; saying “if you don’t go to college you’re a loser” is a recipe for high college tuition and as a direct result, massive student loan debt that will never get repaid. (Besides it’s demonstrably true that many that dropped out of college are way richer than the rest of us, Bill Gates and Rush Limbaugh are two names that come to mind.—editor)

Quit kissing up to the Black Lives Matter crowd. See them for what they really are; a group of rabble rousers just looking for an excuse to riot. Sure there are a few in the movement that may mean well, but they have quickly become a fringe group.  Stop giving out freebies, there simply are not enough voters at the low end of the spectrum and Hollywood elites to sustain any success in the long term. Take Obamacare as an example: the lower class got free health care, people were tricked into thinking that everyone got a Cadillac plan, but really the middle class was stuck with something they did not want, they lost their doctors and options, had to take high deductibles and co-pays and had to deal with massive premium hikes each year.  The middle class revolted, and it cost you deeply.

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Author: Mr. X

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