Mourning in America

As the sun rises on the nation, Liberals are suffering the shock of learning that Donald Trump is the next President of the United States.

My response is “Ding dong, the witch is dead”.

Hillary is feeling the Bern of rejection.

The stock markets are suffering from the thought of having to stand on their own without the voodoo economics stimulation of Quantitative Easing.

America is in the midst of the greatest economic challenge since the Great Depression. Hopefully now the books will be audited and the truth made known. Not that Liberals care about the Truth. Government is their god and the only god with whom they have to do.

Trump has rattled the foundations of the establishment. Yeah, it’s about time.

The most pathetic thing last night was the reluctance of the media not wanting to call it for Trump. If you thought it would be hard to pry the gun from my cold dead hands, you should try extracting the truth from the media. I heard nothing good from the network talkingheads last night on CBS, NBC, or ABC. There was universal denial and doom…and still is today.

It’s morning in America for the first time since 1980. God bless you Mr. Trump. Give ‘em hell.