More on Taxpayer Funding in Support of Measure B

If you needed more proof that taxpayer money is being spent on supporting Measure B here is yet another nugget of evidence.
Please note that the website registrations for Yes on Measure B Link: MeasureB-Yes and the Sacramento Go Link: SacramentoGo websites are hosted by the same Internet server. Sacramento Go is the site being pushed at taxpayer expense by various cities and the county of Sacramento to gin-up support for higher taxes.

Sacramento Go website registration data


Measure B Yes registration data

Both sites have the same Internet Protocol (IP) address. This is more than coincidence.

It’s time to cue the music to “It’s a Small World” There are no coincidences in this campaign, it is one seamlessly orchestrated scam on the low information voters of this region.  Both Republican and Democrat elected officials are united in pulling one over on the voters of this county.  This is what government means when they advocate a public-private partnership.

Also please note that both the taxpayer funded flyer and the mailer from the Yes campaign are using the very same publisher. All the taxpayer funded advocacy literature is illegal and an in-kind contribution to the Yes campaign.

Map key from Yes Campaign mailing


Map from City of Elk Grove taxpayer funded flyer

There is no doubt that both the taxpayer funded flyer and the one from the Yes campaign were created by the same company. The graphics are identical. Both were mailed a few days apart.

When you live in a one party system this kind of corruption is rampant and unchecked.