Words Speak Louder Than Deeds

Eight years ago, it was our worst versus their worst and Obama won. This time it’s our loudest versus their loudest. The election isn’t over yet but there’s been a hell of a lot of jury tampering going on lately.

Trump was caught on tape saying something that many—especially on the Left seem to claim is reprehensible. Trump used words but Bill Clinton did what Trump said and worse. Nobody has accused Trump of rape but Bill Clinton is a proven sexual predator and gets a pass from the same people feigning outrage at Trump.

Isn’t that what the entire pornography industry is based on; fantasies that men have about women that they can never have. It was Larry Flint—publisher of Hustler magazine—that famously came to Bill Clinton’s defense during the impeachment and Monica affairs.  What party defends and promotes pornography, perversion, and tearing down social norms? It’s in their rainbow DNA. Pornography is such a big deal that it’s even on the California ballot; we get to vote on whether those in adult films must use condoms when filming pornographic movies.

And you thought Liberals wanted to keep government out of your bedroom? Yeah, right!

Trump talks about keeping America safe while Hillary—as Secretary of State—purposely killed those in her care. Thanks to Michael Bay, at least some low information voters have heard of Benghazi.

How come Trump’s words are xenophobia while Hillary wants to expand the Obama policy of flooding the country with Muslims that want to kill and enslave us?  Oh, and implement Sharia Law. People that came here used to want to be Americans, but now they want to reshape America to be just like whatever Third World hole they crawled out of.

Even after campaigning twice for president and spending a billion dollars in political ads during this election cycle, no Clinton supporter can tell you three accomplishments of Hillary.  They only know that Trump is evil because he is a Republican and uses sarcasm when answering stupid questions from the Fourth Estate.