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Dumbest Quote of the day

“Our key is continuing to acquire delegates,” Cruz spokeswoman Alice Stewart said. “Several of the states coming up ahead—they’re proportional, and we may not win overall but we can rack up some delegates by district and that’s what we see as our way to get to 1,237.”
Cruz has tough road

Translation: Cruz will lose the upcoming states but he will get some delegates and that is his path to victory.

Alice is clearly deluded and overpaid. Oh, she is also blond which explains much. Here is a video where she sings the praises of Ted Trump.
Ted Trump Video

Cruz is running a comfortable third place in New York which votes later this month but never fear.
Trump Tops 50 Percent

Meanwhile the Trump camp is calling Ted the Trojan horse candidate.

Trump national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson defended the statement on an appearance on Fox News on Wednesday, saying the so-called establishment has no intention of supporting Cruz at the convention—suggesting the goal is only to use him to hold back Trump and force a floor fight, and then back somebody else.

“Their loyalty is not with Senator Cruz. However Senator Cruz has now made himself that Trojan horse to push this to a contested convention,” Pierson said. “This is going to be a very serious problem if Senator Cruz continues to go down this path, and then neither Trump or Cruz becomes the nominee.”
GOP using Cruz

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