Cruzin’ for a Fight

“Behold, I stand at the door and pick the lock. Don’t kick the door down, just pick the lock.”
This advice from one demon to another was recorded by Isaac Air Freight as part of their skit on “Battle of Invisible Empires” back in 1979.

This quote is what I think of when I read that Ted Cruz is not happy with his delegate count and has decided to pull his version of the “hanging chad” by stealing delegates from rival Donald Trump. Cruz is systematically switching slots won for Trump delegates with folks that will secretly support him at the Cleveland Convention.

On the one hand, Cruz is marketing himself as this upstanding and ethical guy that is the son of a preacher man, and is as squeaky clean as the Osmond Brothers or Pat Boone. While on the other, he is the consummate insider with deep ties to Wall Street and the D.C. Establishment. Cruz’s actions are just like any other career political politician, the ends justify the means; why? Because his ego is so big that he can do no wrong.

It is this duplicity of Cruz that has a big red flag waving in my mind when I look at him. Like so many other Evangelicals, he has to find a way of putting his thumb on the scales to give himself an advantage because he doesn’t trust in Providence or the rules of the contest.

In addition to trying to siphon off delegates that Trump has won, media reports also say that Cruz is hijacking the Republican National Committee (RNC) Rules Committee to make the rules more favorable to him.

I think this behavior stinks to High Heaven (literally).

Inquiring minds should want to know…but they don’t. Cruz voters aren’t willing to call Ted to account for his actions.

Hey Cruz voters, I’ve seen this before and I assure you it will not end well. The blow-back will be hurtful to us in the long run.