Rubio Tantrum

I saw Marco Rubio on television last night. He was a petulant child and an embarrassment to the electoral process. His vitriol towards Trump was the stuff I would expect to see on late night television parody skits. That he really said it speaks volumes to me about his inability to act like an adult in public.

To a national audience, Rubio cried about Trump being a fraud and vowed to stay in the race just so he can deny Trump the nomination. In what universe Marco? Trump has the one thing you are incapable of getting, delegates. Your campaign rhetoric is the exact reverse of your voting record and you take offense when people point that out.

Rubio has gone to his patrons in Washington to get help. As a result, they are rolling out Mitt Romney tomorrow. Romney is a rich establishment guy who they think has the gravitas (oh how I despise that word) to go after rich guy Trump. Somehow this must have something to do with a supposedly brilliant strategy to invigorate Rubio’s lethargic campaign just in time for tomorrow’s debate.

Frankly, I think putting Romney on the board makes Rubio look like a pansy and his patrons look like dull, out of touch Washington Elites ( oh, they are).

Rubio is a dead man walking. Whatever happens, there is no chance in hell he is on the ballot in November.

Dr. Carson
has stepped aside. He should have done it sooner but it clears the lane for Cruz.

For the first time in about two years, I went out of my way to listen to Rush today. He said he found some pundit in Washington that said The Establishment is even considering going with Cruz to thwart Trump. Rush thought this was nonsense and I agree.

Cruz is an ideologue and a self-proclaimed Constitutionalist. The elites would be better off with Trump.

Truthfully, the elites want the status quoi. This is the only option that voters find unacceptable.

The Republican Party is changing or going extinct; how that turns out probably depends on their treatment of Trump.