Thoughts on Romney & Rubio

Barack Obama was in the US Senate for three years—half of his six year term—before announcing his candidacy for President.

In contrast, Marco Rubio was in the US Senate for five years before announcing his candidacy.

Barack Obama’s early political career involved voting “Present” as a regular part of his tenure in the Illinois Senate.

Rubio on the other-hand can’t show up for work to even vote.

Why is Romney fighting so hard against Trump? If Romney had expended this much effort against Obama, he would be President now.

Also, have you noticed that Romney keeps claiming that he a conservative when making these attacks?

These Establishment guys are like Pharisees in Jesus’ day. Pharisees claimed to be the heirs of Moses but Jesus showed that they wouldn’t know the Law if it bit them on the butt. Likewise, the Establishment Republicans claim to be heirs of Reagan and Conservatives but by their actions repudiate the core values of both Reagan and Conservatism.

Romney is also trying to interject himself as the adult alternative that a split and fractured Convention should turn to for their salvation. Or to continue the biblical analogies, Romney is crying, “Follow me back to Egypt. We had it so much better there than following this Moses guy.”

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