My Answer to a Fool

Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.
Proverbs 26: 5

The CRA Board meeting went as expected.

The Treasurer report was illuminating to some that haven’t been following the controversy. It took over an hour. The report covered many points already discussed on this blog.

The Investigative Committee presented their preliminary report. The only conclusive finding that they made was that there was indeed a data breach. The five individuals that had their financial data published on the Internet will be offered a one year subscription to LifeLock.

The “trial” of George and Aaron went well. They decided not to show-up and face their accusers. Instead they found yet another way to violate the Bylaws—more on that in a minute. Carl Brickey presented the case against Sharkey and Grima. I have known Brickey for 20 years and it was his best presentation ever. He covered all the necessary points. To paraphrase Churchill, “It was his finest hour.”

The Parks were overwhelmingly removed from the Board. They got only a handful of NO votes for removal. Even many that later voted against removing them from CRA voted for their removal or remained silent.

Next up was a motion to suspend them for 10 years. It was soundly defeated. Had either shown even a modicum of contrition, they might have been given this or a lighter sentence than they eventually got.

The next motion was to suspend them for life. This was the first time anyone on the Board, except one member (Aaron Park), had publically called for this punishment. The reasoning was simple; Aaron kept asking for it so in the end we were happy to oblige him. By my last count, since May third Aaron asked for a lifetime ban at least fifteen times on his blog.

Their sentence was poetic in a way. Only Karen England and Tim Lefever have ever been banned for life and their sentence was at the behest of the Just Us Brothers.

This completed Act II of the Park Family Tantrum

This is where we see when and if the litigation that they so richly deserve is meted out to Sharkey and Grima for trashing the CRA shire and a good portion of the Republican Party.

We begin first with the prelude to the final chapter. This was foreshadowed by more Bylaws violations. Lest you take my word for it, the new Bylaws violations were superbly documented by the perpetrators in an email sent far and wide on Saturday morning.

At the duly noticed meeting of the Board of Directors of the Placer County Republican Assembly this morning, the following actions were taken:

• Called to order at 8:32AM.

• Motion to refund all 2015 members their dues approved at 8:56AM on a 3-1 vote (Uhler, Park, Mendonsa – yes; Rowan – no).

• Motion to divide remaining operating account funds between three charities (Lighthouse Family Services Center, Acres of Hope and Courage Worldwide) approved at 8:57AM (unanimous).

• Motion to surrender the Charter of the Placer County Republican Assembly approved at 8:58AM on a 3-1 vote (Uhler, Park, Mendonsa – yes; Rowan – no).

• Meeting adjourned at 8:58AM.

Per the Bylaws, only a two thirds vote of the membership can vote to resign from CRA. So either Aaron has 96 fraudulent members in his club or these guys violated the Bylaws yet again.

Second, donating the money is not allowed. It must be surrendered to the State organization. The last figure that Sharkey and Grima bragged about was that Placer County RA had more than $25,000 in the bank.


Section 5.06. Resignation. Any chartered Republican Assembly may resign from the CRA by submitting a written resignation. To be effective, a resignation must have been approved by two-thirds of the total membership of such Republican Assembly and shall be certified by its President and Secretary. Such resignation shall become effective only if accepted by the CRA Board of Directors at its next meeting.

Section 5.07. Surrender of Charter. Any chartered Republican Assembly that has ceased to be part of the CRA for any reason, or that is seeking to leave CRA, shall relinquish the name Republican Assembly, surrender its charter certificate to the Membership Secretary, and transfer all of its funds to the CRA Treasurer. The former chartered Republican Assembly shall not thereafter use the name, emblem or insignia of any Republican Assembly or the CRA in any manner.

Not satisfied in digging their own graves until they reach China or the Marianas Trench, Aaron put more nuggets out on the Internet today. Speaking of the CRA majority, “Meantime, the state officers that are part of the coup will be re-elected in perpetuity until the next purge and fight”. Blog Post

Hey Aaron, yet another admission against interest. Your group is the one that says no member can run for office for their first year of membership. Your Bylaws say that a person must be a member for two years to run for a Vice-President slot and three years to run for the “big chair”, el presidente. CRA has never had such rules. Lastly, CRA actually exists and is not a figment of a fertile imagination.

If you thought that the complaints against us were legitimate. Think again – the coup always was about removing us (and John Briscoe who people wrongly thought was our puppet) because they wanted to control CRA. Blog Post

No, Aaron you and your bro, are toxic people.

If you stay true to form, tomorrow you will publish the demand letter sent to you today by a CRA attorney and then mock the feeble attempts of the “Lynch Mob”. This is what you did with Karen England in 2011. This letter has more teeth than Karen’s so we will see if you back down or act as foolishly as I think you are capable of behaving.

Aaron, I’m tire of your stupid games. Let’s go for broke. I’m calling your bluff. Go ahead and publish the entire state membership list. Do it. Then you can unleash the lawyers waiting in the wings to pluck your financial carcass to the bone. The owner of your blog is listed as Park Family Insurance so put your business on the line too. Then after they get thru with you, the State Department of insurance can take a wack at your license.

Your friend—that incidentally you treat like crap—Tom Hudson, is trying to protect you from what you deserve. The least you should do is shut-up, comply with the demand letters, and let him try to help you.