Another Day and the Data Breach Continues

Ronald Reagan used to say “When your neighbor is out of work it’s a recession, when you’re out of work it’s a depression.”

Well now I guess we can say, “When Aaron Park posts someone else’s bank account information on the Internet it’s too bad, when your information is posted it’s a nightmare.” Or at least that is how I would feel. Unfortunately, Park’s idea of the Golden Rule isn’t “do unto others…”

A reasonable person would think that a Membership Secretary who purposely gives other folk’s personal financial information to his brother for the purposes of posting it on the Internet would be in trouble with both the organization that he serves as well as with the local sheriff but this is not the case. The CRA leadership’s response is “nothing to see here, move along. “  Would that still be the response of John Briscoe and Tom Hudson if it was their information? No, I think not.

And this is precisely the point. When people have one set of rules for others and a different set for themselves, this is wrong. Frankly, this is why so many people no longer participate in the political process. We all know that those in politics are hypocrites.

Virtually all the folks involved in CRA claim to be good, church going folks that love God and believe the Bible; however, if the Bible has no effect on the way they treat others and has no application to the way they live their lives then what good is all this church stuff? The Bible says to love your enemies but we can’t even show love and respect to our fellow Christians. We treat them like crap, not like image bearers of God.

When people are unwilling to admit they are wrong—this is anathema in politics where power is everything—and ask for forgiveness and offer restitution to those they have wronged, then their faith is good for nothing but to be trampled underfoot.

Do folks like Charles Monger see us acting in a way that causes him to admit that those folks in CRA really love each other even when they disagree? They always find a way to come together and help each other.

When’s that last time you heard someone say they were really glad to share the gospel with Rodney Stanhope and we all need to pray for him?

CRA is broken because her people are broken. I love Aaron and George Park and have enjoyed their company in the past but they are behaving badly right now. Instead of looking at their actions and how they affect others, they are just doubling down on their bad behavior.

I know my behavior is a mystery to many because I don’t show loyalty to people in the way they expect. People will fail. I try to be loyal to Principle and judge situations by an external standard. I want folks to play by the rules and not try to put their thumb on the scales. Agree to the rules and live within them. Don’t cheat.

If you have followed my blog or life, I have been an opponent of folks like the Parks, Karen England, Tim LeFevre, Steve Frank, Celeste Greig, Barbara Alby and a host of other that you would recognize. But at other times I have been a supporter of all these folks too. I call ‘em like I see ‘em.

For example, even after Karen failed to take over CRA, I still sent my son to her City on a Hill. It’s a great program; …even if for one week every summer, the Governor of California is Karen England. ( -:

I try to keep my disagreements to the actions and policies of people and not get personal. Have I always held to this standard? No, and for that I’m sorry.

Aaron, take this stuff off the Internet and stand-down. Ditto for George. I think you both need to resign from the Board and apologize to the five individuals that you have put at risk. I would like you to stay in CRA but you have weaponized the membership records and this must have consequences. You have violated the trust invested in you by CRA. I know both sides are ready to go 15 rounds but what for?