A Modest Proposal

It occurs to me that Aaron Park might not be the smartest crayon in the drawer when it comes to administering his blogsite. So in a spirit of glasnost, I wish to offer a tutorial to help him do the right thing.

As you know, if you accidently delete the icon for Microsoft Word from the desktop on your computer,  you aren’t deleting the actual program. You are simply removing a link to the location of the file.

In the same way, if you change a URL (universal resource locator) to point to a different file, that’s all it does is point. A URL is a shortcut to something else located somewhere else. Typically it is in the format http://www.YourWebsite.com

I think if you meditate on this principle for about five milliseconds that you might be able to go to http://www.rightondaily.com/wp-login.php and do the right thing.