Elk Grove Council Plans to Depose Mayor

The Elk Grove City Council plans to remove Sophia Scherman from the office of Mayor at their July 28th meeting. Word has it that three member plan to forcibly remove Sherman and replace her with one of their own; presumably Steve Detrick the current vice-mayor. The three members pledged to remove Scherman are Steve Detrick, Gray Davis and Jim Cooper.

It is interesting that sheriff candidate Jim Cooper would spend time in the middle of his campaign to “take-out” the only female on the council. Scherman is the one member that is most often seen at community events and she is the most accessible member on the council. Scherman had even endorsed Cooper in the Sheriff race. As a result of Cooper’s duplicity she has withdrawn the endorsement.

Cooper had better not be doing this on ethical grounds since he has fought tooth and nail to keep from releasing his personnel record at the sheriff department because it is known to contain evidence of his misconduct while a deputy of the department. Cooper has also taken members of the Council to the Sacramento Grand jury to intimidate them into giving him what he wants on the Council. Simply put, he is a thug with a badge that uses his position on the sheriff department and on the council for furthering his political and personal aims.

Gary Davis, the man who would be a Democrat congressional candidate had things gone his way is also involved in this affair. He is the only one of the three that could stand for election in November. I don’t know if he has filed for re-election although it is probable.

Steve Detrick is two years into his first term. Steve has had his ethical challenges on the Council. One of the more notable things is the new Catholic Church in Elk Grove. He has been firmly on both sides of the issue while it was before the council. It is reminiscent of the John Kerry quote I was for it before I was against it.

I will be at the meeting tomorrow and plan to speak on Sophia’s behalf. I hope this blows-up in Cooper’s face. Unfortunately, on boards such as this, the fix is often in before public comment is ever heard. The council just goes thru the dog and pony show to make the public feel better before doing what they damn well please.

You know the situation is bad when the words of the pop-culture icon Rodney King come into your head ringing loudly, “ Why can’t we all just get along?”