Mark Williams, Tea Party and NAACP

Mark Williams is in trouble for trying to write a parody of the NAACP after the group passed a resolution that claimed the Tea Party is racist. Anybody that has actually cared enough about our country to go to a Tea Party rally would know that is a crock. The Tea Party is concerned about limited government, lower taxes and the government obeying the Constitution. None of the Tea Party issues is about race.

Unfortunately, the NAACP is not really concerned about people of color. They quit that plank of their platform decades ago. No, the NAACP is concerned about using race to advance Liberal politics. What Mark was harkening back to is the Mason Weaver book, “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation.” Weaver—who is black—wrote the book in 1998. Here is Amazon link to the book Its-OK-Leave-Plantation
The Amazon Product Description is,

This book discusses the “plantation mentality” that is causing Americans to become co-dependent. It is historical however does look at the authors personal journey from a Berkeley militant to a conservative businessman.

The NAACP holds folks back. They always oppose the advancement of conservative blacks. If a black is not liberal then they are not defended by the NAACP. In fact, by attacking conservative blacks, the NAACP provides “cover-fire” for liberal white politicians to oppose blacks that achieve by individual effort. Recently, the NAACP has been strangely silent when Barack Obama has supported white politicians over black ones in many Democrat primaries.

The NAACP is about holding blacks back, allowing them only to achieve at the rate of the lowest common denominator. It is a top-down organization interested in control. Have you never wondered why blacks vote over 90 percent Democrat in every election when they owe their freedom and civil rights to the Republicans? In exchange for this, the Democrat Party allows them a place at the table. And when given a choice of supporting a qualified black or the choice of the party bosses in the Democrat Party, they will categorically support in Democrat.

William’s blog may have misfired but his instinct that the NAACP is a group of hypocrites still stands. Clearly, the racist ones in this discussion are the NAACP. Somehow the NAACP propagates the myth that only whites can be racist. In actuality, the NAACP is really trying to say that anybody that opposes Barack Obama is a racist. Their logic goes something like this: Obama is black; the Tea Party has many white people in it and they oppose what Obama does so therefore the Tea Party is racist. The NAACP will not concede that Obama might be wrong. Hey guys, I don’t care if Barry was green and looked like Shreck, it’s his policies to which I (and the Tea Party) object.

The NAACP is the ones keeping blacks down not Williams or the Tea Party. His attempt at parody may have made folks upset but is what Williams tried to say that much different than some statements of Bill Cosby a few years ago? Cosby got much the same treatment as Williams. It’s the NAACP that is keeping their members on the plantation. It’s those that find success outside the NAACP that can expect the wrath of this sorry excuse for a civil rights organization.