Barack Obama, the Democrats’ Colin Powell

Barack Obama, the Democrat phenomenon of the 2008 Presidential Campaign, is probably at or near his peak of popularity and as voters get to know him, his popularity will fade significantly.

Obama is for Democrats what Colin Powell was a few years ago for the Republicans; namely, at “tabula rasa.” Both men were initially popular because voters knew nothing about them but attached their own hopes, desires and beliefs to both men. Until they actually took a position on things, voters want to give them the benefit of the doubt and think that each man is “one of us.”

Powell alienated a majority of Republicans by embracing abortion and other liberal social positions. His initial strength of appearing apolitical and above the frey of politics was subsequently revealed to be something much different. Powell had no core values guiding his politics. He was just another squishy, liberal Republican.

Obama is called a different type of Democrat. This is wishful hoping and not reality. He has no new or original ideas. He doesn’t have a new way to fix any problems or right any wrongs. For many disillusioned Democrats, he is an empty vessel that they can invest their hopes and dreams in. This is a fictional construct.

Obama represents a repackaged collection of the same failed policies that are the hallmark of modern socialists and liberals at the core of Democrat party.

Solomon said “there is nothing new under the sun.” Not much has changed in the 3,000 years since. Obama is just the same lies delivered by another messenger.