Ten Questions That Deserve More Thought

These questions are things that I wish I had more time to write about on my blog.

Why is it that every time Governor Schwarzenegger announces a new policy initiative, the media—for the sake of reporting both sides of the story—then refers to the Republican response to the governor’s proposal?

Why do Border Patrol agents go to prison while drug smugglers get immunity?

If mankind is to blame for climate change, how did the Ice Age end?

How is mandating corn derivatives as additives in gasoline good public policy when it creates higher corn costs that result in economic hardship south of the border, higher fuel prices and no measurable energy savings?

Why does Nancy Pelosi need a taxpayer funded 757 jet to commute to work?

Can you name one accomplishment in her life that makes Hilary Clinton qualified to be the next President?

Who would make a better President candidate, a lapsed Catholic or a “good” Mormon?

Why is almost every CPU manufactured by Intel a Pentium when the name has no relationship to the function or capability of the chip? (Originally it was the successor to the 486 CPU hence 586 or Pentium, but that was twelve years ago.)

If men were not alive at the same time as dinosaurs, why do cultures around the world have stories of dragons and other similar creatures?

Why are institutions of higher learning the strongholds of diversity and multiculturalism when “University” conveys the assumption of universal Truth that can be known through study?