Republican Presidential Primary Ends Tomorrow

Yep. I said it and I mean it. As if there was any doubt, Donald J Trump will be the 2024 Republican nominee for President. Nikki Haley is toast.

Tomorrow she will get a reality check that should end this thing once and for all. If she persists in staying in the race, then others on our editorial staff may begin calling her Ted Cruz.

Please note that mathematically, less than one percent of registered Republicans have had a chance to cast a vote during the Primary season and it’s over.

Now that the Democrats have the opponent that they wanted, it will be interesting to see who, if, and when Joe Biden gets pushed out to pasture. Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama have long been rumored to be on the short list to replace Biden, likely at the convention. Folks, it could be that in 2024, Democrats select both party’s candidates for the November General Election without ever casting a vote for either candidate in the primaries.

Meanwhile, some discontented Democrats are trying to encourage one of their followers to attempt to assassinate Trump to save America.

Bullet hole and $47 (if elected Trump would be 47th President)

In other news, I hear John Hinckley is out of prison.