Democrats Implement Operation Chaos for Nikki Haley

For those of you that weren’t paying attention a few years back, Rush Limbaugh came out with the idea to back Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama when John McCain was running for election. The Republicans had their Presidential candidate so why not get Republican people to vote for the weaker candidate in the other Party. This was dubbed by Rush as “Operation Chaos”. Clinton got a ten to fifteen percent boost in some primaries from this cross-party meddling. Of course, McCain was a terrible choice for the Republicans and Obama was, per Joe Biden, “articulate and bright and clean”.

Well, not to be outdone with political trickery, Democrats have done likewise in subsequent elections. In fact, the Stolen Election of 2020 may very well be the logical result of such political trickery taken to the extreme.

This brings us to the 2024 election and Nikki Haley. Nikki has very little Republican support except from the RINO faction. She and Ron DeSantis spent a combined 72 million dollars in Iowa and had little to show for it. She came in third with a stronger than expected showing. Post election analysis has shown that much of her support can from Democrats interfering in the Republican caucus system. Yep, thanks to same day registration, a wave of new Republican voters carried Nikki to a strong third place finish in Iowa.

A caucus site just outside Iowa’s capital of Des Moines ran out of registration forms at one point Monday night, as almost 40% of caucusgoers there registered as Republicans. Precinct chair Jim McClure said he heard some say they were previously Democrats or Independents, while others said they had just never registered with the party before.

Precinct near Des Moines sees high level of new Republican registrations

Did you get that? 40 percent of people at this caucus site were registering as Republicans for the first time just so they could vote in this caucus.

In gratitude for their support, Nikki declared that the presidential contest was now a “two-person race”.

Many voters in New Hampshire are expected to support Nikki as a vote against Trump. Most of these people are Democrats or lean that way.

So where is Ron DeSantis? Well Ron has been running as Trump lite or Trump but nicer. Ron has the same trouble that many Republicans face, why vote for an imitation when you can vote for the real thing? In California this means supporting Democrats over the Democrat lite alternative; however, in this instance, why vote DeSantis when you can vote for Trump, the real deal?

Nikki still doesn’t know the difference between a man and a woman so how could she ever master the much more difficult task of being a good President?

The answer of course is that Nikki can be “managed” and “reasonable” and bipartisan. I.E. she has no core values or principles. Like water, she takes the shape of whatever vessel that she is poured into. In other words, Nikki is part of the problem not the solution. She is a “swamp creature” in drag and a political chameleon.