Why the GOP Contenders Can’t Beat Trump

How is it Donald J Trump is at almost 50% in the polling for the GOP primary?  He has been indicted at least 3 times, and it sounds like more are coming.  He “led” the January 6th revolt.  In additional to many other things folks should find repulsive….so how is he winning by such a large margin?

Disclosure: This blogger supported DeSantis, but he has turned into the incredible shrinking candidate.

Honestly, we believe it is several things that are the reason Donald Trump appears inevitable.

He ran on a platform as being an outsider…. honestly, he still is.  His party rank and file hate him.  Most donors despise him.  Even being a former president, he still feels like an outsider who is not part of the problem in Washington.

His “It’s not fair” platform resonates still.  He was indicted multiple times, impeached multiple times as well.  Not Joe Biden, and he has done far worse… but both parties are covering for him.  Biden/other GOP folks can go on any network and answer softball questions… not so Donald, he isn’t welcome on any platform but Fox and then just barely.

The indictments help him.  Ever notice, with each indictment comes a 3-4% jump in the polls.  It galvanizes more GOP support for him, as others see a double tiered justice system.

A large field benefits Trump.  Folks, be honest with yourselves, Donald is getting 38% as a floor in basically every state in the primary, it’s just a matter of how the 62% breaks between the rest of the field.  A large group of candidates makes it so no one can catch him… looks like the 2020 primary, doesn’t it?

The other candidates are not exciting at all.  Mike Pence? Blah.  Chris Christie? Dude hugged Obama…he’s done.  DeSantis really looks out of his league.  Tim Scott, Nicki Haley, and Vivek Ramaswamy could be something and I predict one of these will “pop” after the first debate but will not get within striking distance of Donald. Heck, will Trump even show up to the debate? If he doesn’t, who will watch?

How to beat Trump

Knock off trying to “out Trump him.” Donald speaks to people in a way like no other, he makes himself seem like one of them, I would turn him into the person he really is.  Focus on his Covid response.  Lockdowns were essentially signed off on by him.  Fauci told him what to do and he bought it all.  We added trillions in debt by having the “extra $600 a week in unemployment added to folk’s paychecks.  Essentially making a class of people who didn’t want to return to work.

Focus on his “PPP forgivable loan to trucking company Yellow.”  They went bankrupt, the loan will not be paid back.  I don’t care so much about the loan, as the amount of covid fraud will never be known…did you know the government made this loan in return for a 30% stake in the company?

Yellow executives said they intend to fully repay a $700 million loan former President Donald Trump’s administration issued to bail out the firm in 2020 under a pandemic relief program. Their success will depend on proceeds from selling Yellow’s properties and roughly 12,000 trucks, according to bankruptcy experts.

Government officials earlier this summer warned that U.S. investments could face losses. In particular, the Treasury Department has a nearly 31% stake in Yellow after accepting 15.9 million company shares as additional security for the loan, according to audit reports and bankruptcy documents. Shareholders are often last to recover their investments.

US trucking firm Yellow files for bankruptcy, blasts Teamsters
Monty Hall — Let’s Make a Deal from 1975

Yup we were playing Shark Tank and Let’s Make a Deal with the taxpayer’s cash.  Most would call that nationalization; I call it dumb.

Dr. Oz proves Trump is no Political Wizard

Hammer him for the candidates he supported who lost.  I am tying Dr. Mehmet Oz around his neck like the anvil it should be.  I want Donald to explain his support for Oz, especially over a challenger who had actual conservative credentials.  Ditto with Kari Lake.  Sorry but his job should be to grow the party, not advance unelectable folks with very little conservative credentials.  Keep in mind Dr. Oz was a puberty blocker for kids guy before it was cool, he also is a citizen of Turkey.  Better candidates and we likely have a 58-vote senate majority, and a huge house majority.  Also, we likely have Trump for a second term currently, instead we have a senate minority, and slim house majority.

Leave Trump alone.  This is the hard part, when you are behind in the polls you feel you have to attack.  Don’t.  Trump says enough dumb things, like attacking DeSantis for his state leading the nation in covid deaths.  Rather than trying to hit Donald back on policy, destroy him, say “how come you moved to Florida? Go back to New York.”  Trump has no comeback to that.  The indictments from the democrat party help him as well, as I mentioned above his numbers go up with each indictment.  He is skipping the debate because he wants attention, he doesn’t want to face questions about his term, he wants to be the outsider he ran on prior.

Contrarian view: If I’m advising Trump.

Don’t debate: There is no point, you are far ahead in the polls, hold a rally instead.  There will be a ton of cameras, have it the same day and time as the debate, you will get more viewers.  You cannot afford to fall below 45% otherwise you will have what is perceived as weakness.  Run against Joe starting now, don’t wait for the general, draw a stark contrast.

The Chief