Newsom Smokes DeSantis

I have to admit I’m stunned, I liked Ron (DeSantis) a lot.  I thought he would run away with the nomination.  He is a popular Florida Governor, swing state, speaks both English and Spanish.  He is now the incredible shrinking candidate.  Similar to Scott Walker 8 years ago he will go from favorite to also ran.  SAD!

This past week has not been great for Ron.  His campaign has laid off staff, this is usually a sign of running out of cash.  His largest donor has demanded that DeSantis go far to the left or be cut off financially. He offered to debate Kamala Harris…she turned it down.  My question is why would you want to debate her?  You are running for President, not VP.  Harris knew she would lose so she smartly turned it down.  Then he agreed to debate Gavin Newsom.

Big mistake.

First there is nothing for DeSantis to gain from this.  Gavin is not a candidate (yet).  Furthermore, the debate would be on Fox and moderated by Sean Hannity. It seems odd that Gavin wants the debates to be held in either: North Carolina, Georgia or Nevada…oh wait they are swing states.  Still Think Gavin isn’t running?

 Better yet, Gavin has a built-in excuse if things to awry…. he is on a “far right network” with a “far right debate moderator.”  Essentially, he can play the “its unfair 2 vs 1 card.” 

Secondly, look at the rules DeSantis proposed:

  • DeSantis suggested four dates from between Sept. 19 to Nov. 8, while Newsom proposed two dates in November.
  • DeSantis wanted a live audience with a 50-50 split, while Newsom said, “no live audience.”
  • DeSantis does not want opening remarks, while Newsom would like both participants to get four minutes.
  • DeSantis proposed that they each submit a two-minute-long video that must be approved by Fox News before it is played at the top of the debate.

I will address these one at a time. 

I have zero issue with timing of debates, I prefer DeSantis timeframe but if you’re going to debate both sides need to agree to a mutual date.

The live audience thing is wild… I mean is this like Cheers in disguise?  Filmed before a live studio audience?  I agree with Gavin, I would do no audience, I think the cheering and jeering takes away from a policy debate.

The opening video is also strange, it speaks to wanting a hype video that’s pre-recorded, I prefer Gavin’s idea of a four-minute opening statement.  Also, this should set DeSantis up better as it helps frame a Florida vs California policy debate.  It would be easy to show a stark contrast.

Again, this just seems bizarre, Ron should be chomping at the bit to face off with Gavin, assuming Gavin is a candidate (more on this later).  But the terms are wild.

Gavin as the Blog Father pointed out is a skilled debater; in a sense he doesn’t need facts, he just makes things up as he goes.  Worst yet he still believes it to be true.  This is what makes Gavin a skilled politician, and again, if Hannity tries to call him out, he can play the “2 vs 1 card.” 

In short, DeSantis has no chance of looking good.  He can either stumble badly (and sadly his demands paint a picture of him not being a good debater) or he looks good, and Gavin/democrats/state run media play the “right wing network, right wing moderator, of course DeSantis looked good.  It’s a lose, lose I would never agree to.

As for Gavin, folks I’ve said it before in this space, he is up to something, either Joe is going to whack Kamala off the ticket (possibly) or the democrat party is going to whack Joe from the ticket entirely.  Interestingly enough, the democrats are all in on Feinstein being too old to serve, everyone except Pelosi wants her gone so Gavin can appoint someone to fill the seat.  I know he has said it will be a black woman, this is his way to brandish his “woke credentials.”  Gavin in our opinion is not electable nationwide without widespread voter fraud on levels even the democrats know they cannot pull off.  So, the easiest way is to use Joe again as a conduit.  Joe is a likeable guy…I do not like his politics, but he is uncontroversial…the opposite of Trump some may say.  Get Joe re-elected, have him have a “health episode” and viola VP Gavin will take over as president going forward.  Democrats keep the Senate, re-claim the house and next thing you know the Supreme court has 25 judges, and boom, liberal utopia here we come.

The Chief

PS and yes, I think DeSantis is cooked, Trump is too far ahead in the polls and appears inevitable.