My Thoughts on Trump 2024

Folks now are accusing Trump of being an Army of One and he is and will continue to be, but let’s suppose that Donald Trump is elected in 2024. What does that Presidency look like?

To win in 2024, Trump will have to cripple or destroy the entire Republican “farm team”. In essence, Trump will destroy all Republican presidential contenders for the next 12 or 16 years to achieve his victory.

Supposing Trump can overcome challenges from his own Party and the Swamp—the Democrats and duplicitous Republicans in the House and Senate—and manages to get in the Oval Office, it’s likely all for naught because from day one he is a lame-duck President. Nobody will care what he wants to accomplish. Washington will be about posturing, backstabbing, and business as usual. Can you imagine Trump finding after clawing his way to the top that he is irrelevant! I think his head will explode.

Ironically, Trump’s biggest obstacle in victory is not Democrats or Republicans, it’s the Constitution.

The 22nd Amendment states: “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice …”

If Trump had busted his butt and got those House and Senate candidates elected that stuck their necks out and enthusiastically supported him, I might be singing a different tune but as others on the blog have pointed out, he sat on his thumbs and checkbook doing nothing. If you recall, Trump backed primary opponents of at least six House Republicans that voted to Impeach him. As far as I know, all six challengers won their primaries and zero of them got money or support from Trump in the general election and all lost, WTF Donald.

Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy both worked to undercut conservative MAGA candidates to insure they would lose, often just for voicing support for Trump. Oh, both Republican “leaders” were funded in part by FTX Crypto currency.

Sam Bankman-Fried FTX Crypto funded anti-MAGA Republicans

Donald Trump failed us that have stuck with him thru thick and thin because the rich guy that was President didn’t have a good business plan. Part of any good business venture is hiring and keeping good and talented people. Another aspect is succession. Trump failed in both these areas.

In too many instances, Trump hired weak people that he could bully. Those that he could bully, he did not respect and thus would not listen to them. Many others were opportunists that never believed in his vision of America. In many cases, the career politicians that took posts with Trump were bottom feeder, Mitt Romney types, that were there to thwart him.

Trump also never had a plan of building on MAGA – which by the way was a slogan stolen from Ronald Reagan.

Reagan 1980 election poster

Had he spent the last several years promoting likeminded candidates as I had hoped, the Republican Party would have been remade and would own all levers of power in the country. Now however, the Swamp Creatures in both Parties know that Trump is toast no matter what he does. They may not follow the Constitution with how they govern but both Democrats and Republicans know that the 22nd Amendment makes Trump irrelevant and for that they rejoice. They only differ on whether to “move on” or totally destroy him.

Trump should have followed Ronald Reagan and brought people into his administration that knew Madison Avenue and technology. Getting his Twitter account cancelled was a huge blow in his efforts to communicate. I will not debate mean Tweets too much except to say that Trump put all his communication eggs in that basket. To stick to the business analogy, he should have diversified in this area, so Twitter didn’t have him by the short hairs.

Trump also should have groomed a successor and promoted the hell out of them. If not Mike Pence, then someone else like maybe Kari Lake. Oh wait, he never wrote her a check, did he?

The Donald F***ed up this election cycle and will pay a steep price for his hubris; as will we all.

Oh, thanks to Trump’s failure, Democrats are going for the demographic kill shot on the Republican Party. Yep, Democrats don’t want any more squeaky elections so they are prepping for the nuclear option in the lame duck session of Congress in December. They want to baptize many or all the illegal aliens in the United States in hopes of inducting millions into the Democrat fold of government dependence. This will give them an insurmountable majority and make the United States a one-Party nation forever. Think turning the United States into California for the next 200 years.

Sadly, there are enough shortsighted Republicans in office that they may accomplish this in a few short weeks. I once stated on this blog that due to changing demographics there is a real chance that Donald Trump will be the last Republican President this country will ever have, and right on que this is about to happen right before your eyes.

Sometimes being Really Right is a huge burden.