Comments on Lost Not Stolen The Conservative Case

Yep, there is a document circulating around the internet that got lots of attention for about one news cycle in the Leftist media and about zero attention anywhere else. First the full title of this essay is “Lost Not Stolen–The Conservative Case that Trump Lost and Biden Won the 2020 Presidential Election (July 2022)

The 72-page essay purports to debunk all voter fraud in swing states and therefore Donald Trump is not only a liar but unworthy to be listened to or lead our nation ever again.

“We therefore have undertaken an examination of every claim of fraud and miscount put forward by former President Trump and his advocates, and now put the results of those investigations before the American people, and especially before fellow conservatives who may be uncertain about what and whom to believe.”

Folks, these Bush era appointees have this in the Executive Summary.

“Questions of election legality must be resolved dispassionately in courts of law, not through rallies and demonstrations—and most emphatically, not by applying political pressure and threats to induce Congress to ignore its constitutional duty and the electoral outcome for which the people voted, …”

There is no such thing as coincidence, especially, in politics. These guys are endorsing the Pelosi January 6th show and giving her committee a bipartisan fig leaf. Wonder if the FEC has records of these guys donating to Liz Cheney.

This group never actually checked a single ballot or report of fraud. Instead, they did a Nexis/Lexis search of accusations by Trump partisans and then refute each one quoting verbatim from media or government reports. The assumption is that Trump is a liar and everyone in government is wedded to the truth.

A frequent fixture in the report are weasel words like this: “… finding no allegations of election misconduct that would have any impact on the election results”. Thus, if multiple sorts of fraud could cumulatively have cost Trump a victory in any swing state, they never considered that a possibility. Why would they, the report’s outcome was decided before the investigation.

Folks, we know that there was voter fraud in 2020. The question is whether there was enough to swing the results from Biden to Trump?

Case in point, we documented here that 60,000 people were simultaneously registered to vote in both California and Nevada and 3,500 voted in both states in the 2020 general election. As far as I’m aware, nobody has refuted this claim. It was ignored. Actually the judge dismissed the case which is the same thing. No surprise there.

We also published the names of the dead that voted in Michigan. A month before the election, it was only 7,887 folks. Mysteriously, after the election these guys all disappeared from the news. Michigan admitted to only a few dozen dead folks that voted statewide. Again, I have never seen a refutation of the list that we published; it was just ignored.

Folks, as described in this “report”, two types of people are cited as authorities. The problem is that both groups have a conflict of interest when it comes to voter fraud.

The first are election officials. This is so obvious but must be pointed out. If these guys admit problems or shortcomings with how elections work, then they lose their jobs. They are wedded to procedures and processes that have the appearance of competency. They have “a dog in the hunt” and will vigorously defend their turf. They will never admit fault because they always follow the rules. They presuppose everyone else will too.

Just one problem with the rules, they don’t always work.

Folks if the rules are so great then how did my current employer—California’s Employment Development Department—blow thru over 150 billion dollars in a year and a half? 25 to 30 percent of this amount was fraudulent. Oh, but there is good news on that front. Thanks to Gavin Newsom’s leadership, EDD has recovered 3.5 million dollars of this fraudulent amount. Such vigorous pursuit of criminals is yet another reason he should replace Joe Biden in the White House in 2024.

The other group of risk averse people are judges. Folks, in the wake of Bush v Gore, who in their right mind would touch a political question? By definition they won’t. Its one of the fundamental things you learn in law school. Judges should avoid political questions. Let politicians solve political questions.

Sadly, the guys that wrote this report—many of whom are lawyers—know this. Instead of acknowledging this as a limitation, they hide behind it. They take much pride in pointing out that no judge would touch Trump’s complaints, thus Trump lied about any fraud. The implication is that no fraud existed. This is circular reasoning.

Folks, if anyone genuinely wanted to prove what a bunch of hicks Trump and his supporters really are, they should have let him go to court. If what these guys say in this “report” is true, then why not? Broadcast the trial nationwide. If you humiliated Trump enough, maybe folks like us would not be so keen to support him in 2024. It would have been more effective and entertaining than Pelosi’s Jan 6th show.

Folks, I maintain that the solution is some type of vote ID law. Vote in person and vote on paper. Ironically, it would take a second Trump Administration to have any hope of this happening.

Lastly, the claim that Democrats believe, or support election integrity is a lie. If they really believed that then they wouldn’t want the franchise for felons, illegal aliens, and children. They only care for the “right” outcome. Any process that gives them the result that they want is legal and ethical regardless of how they got it.

The bottom line is nobody associated with the Swamp wants anything to go on the record that they can’t control. Again, if you have nothing to hide and want to illustrate how secure and full of integrity our election system is and simultaneously want to make Donald Trump a pariah then let’s litigate this issue on live television.

Like the WOPR in WAR Games, their only solution is not to play.