Dominic Foppoli’s Statements and Actions

An Investigative Series by The Chief

Reader Warning: This series will contain graphic details of rape, racism, sexual assault, and straight up deplorable behavior by Dominic Foppoli and his colleagues who covered for him.  Reader discretion is advised.

Dominic Foppoli has had a rough couple of weeks. Depending on who you talk to, like this blog, you are probably on the growing side of those who hope Dominic gets what he deserves, while others are choosing to stand with Dominic. 

We will unpack his actions since the SF Chronicle ran its story, his presiding over a Council Meeting, and his statements regarding fellow Councilmember Esther Lemus in this installment.

As we detailed so far, 4 women reported his “actions” to the San Francisco Chronicle, another woman came forward with her story shortly after, then a bombshell dropped.  Esther Lemus, a city council member and deputy district attorney with Sonoma County, came forward with her statement as detailed already in this space.  Dominic being the slimy politician he is, issued this whopper of a statement: 

“Despite the clear political and social machinations that are outwardly and obviously driving the effort to put my head on a spike, I never imagined I would be pursued as a trophy to warn those who dare to have a positive impact in public service regardless of ideology,” Foppoli wrote.

Mayor of Windsor accuses council member of assault

Ah yes, the martyr-in-chief, his honor Dominic Foppoli, rushing to the tried-and-true defense of attacking the critic.  Even though all the stories were the same, his exuding dominance, pouring way too much alcohol, and likely using a date rape drug, its Dominic who is the victim.  I guess in some weird way his brain must think the campaign intern shouldn’t have fought back, and how he was doing “the Lord’s work” by exorcizing her virginity twice in the same night, after repeated calls to stop!  He likely feels the victim of not being able to enjoy sex with Sophia Williams, who fought off this coward of a human.  Dominic, take it from me, life is full of disappointments, and this ain’t the actions of a gentleman you Neanderthal.  Crashing a party you had no business at just because it was taking place at your winery’s guest house is peak you Dominic, and forcing 2 of your employees to remove their underwear?  Yeah, you are some victim.  The girl you met in Reno and tried to act out your perverse sexual fantasy on while she was blacked out…you must have been deprived.  Too bad she came too and stopped you from going further.  Handcuffing your girlfriend to your bed, and sticking grapes up her vaginal orifice when she is pleading with you to stop doesn’t make you a victim.  IT MAKES YOU A MONSTER.  I guess you were also the victim in the case of the young intern who worked at your winery, her crime was wanting to learn more about wine, you wanted to explore what was under her jeans.  You failed, Dominic.  You are no victim, these heroic women fought you off the best they could, the situation was not fair, you had them liquored up and drugged up, a serious crime in California.  It doesn’t make you a victim Dominic, it makes you a rapist, a sexual assault predator, and a disgusting creep.  How about find some women your own age and I don’t know maybe don’t sexually assault them?

But Dominic wasn’t done yet. He knew a much bigger story was coming, this one from a fellow councilmember.  So, he acted like any “victim” would, check out this verbal diarrhea he spouted out “this admitted cheat clearly will go to any lengths imaginable to advance her political career and get what she wants – power.”

“I am not saying I am a victim or claiming a “me to” moment for myself or for men in general. That idea is ridiculous,” Foppoli said in the statement. 

“Mrs. Lemus has led the charge in asking for my resignation and it wasn’t until I defended myself and told the truth regarding these manufactured and baseless accusations against me that she showed the degree in which she is, at the very least, complicit in the witch hunt driven by these continuing attempts at assassinating my character,” Foppoli said.

Ok, so Dominic claims a female sexually assaulted him, and put him into compromising positions?  Mrs. Lemus works as a deputy District Attorney as we mentioned earlier, her statement will be repeated here:

What Lemus said she does remember is attending a Windsor Boys & Girls Club crab feed in February 2020, during which she got up at one point and returned to learn from Foppoli’s then-girlfriend that he had refilled her glass. There was dancing and music, and then Lemus, Foppoli, his girlfriend and another male friend, whom she declined to identify, stopped by a brewpub before going home. Lemus’ husband had left earlier.

At some point, Lemus learned later, she left the group and was found outside becoming violently ill. The two men then left Foppoli’s girlfriend at the pub to drive Lemus home, but they were gone so long the girlfriend finally walked home, she later told Lemus.

Lemus, 48, was becoming ill again as she arrived home, and went into the bathroom. At one point she sat on the bathtub to remove her shoes, and fell in.

The next morning, she awoke on the couch, nude, with a small towel placed on her and the growing fear that she had been sexually violated.

But Lemus said she does not remember even leaving the crab feed. When she called Foppoli’s girlfriend the next day to find out what had happened to her, the woman said Foppoli had told her “he put me to bed, tucked me in or something,” Lemus said.

She said she cannot recall what happened inside her home. She was in pain and had rectal bleeding when she awoke, she said. She said she believes she was raped and sodomized while unconscious by Foppoli and/or the other man who drove her home. She said the experience of feeling drugged in his presence — that night and during a second assault that she said happened six months later at Foppoli’s winery — prompted her belief he was responsible.

The second incident occurred in August 2020 when she attended a gathering at Foppoli’s winery. She said Foppoli had inexplicably taken her phone and keys much earlier in the night. She later experienced the same cloudy disorientation and amnesia that she had felt after the February crab feed. She said she recalls being led off by a man Foppoli had just introduced to her, saying his friend “liked me,” and finding herself engaged in oral copulation in the tasting room.

She was next aware of falling and hurting herself some place, which Foppoli would later tell her was a vineyard. She later became violently ill. She eventually woke up and drove home.

Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli, council member Esther Lemus accuse each other of sexual misconduct
Esther Lemus

Dominic you finally did it, you met your match, and you know it.  Like a true monster, you blamed a woman whom you allegedly drugged/intoxicated and likely raped or sodomized.  Instead, you left her with just a small towel covering her, what an absolute coward you are.  You panicked and called for her to step down from her career as ADA with the Sonoma Prosecutor office.  If you had any brain cells you would know, not a soul in that office could prosecute you, due to obvious conflict of interest laws.  Hence the California Attorney General has taken over. Again, your lack of functioning brain cells is hurting you here.  The AG does not care about any of your connections in Sonoma County you may be wealthy and powerful, but you are not above the law. 

Getting back to your actions; you for some reason decided to chair the meeting when a motion was going to come up asking for your resignation.  I tuned in, and my comments will be brief.  First thank you to the hundreds of folks who called in and dragged Dominic.  Dominic appeared to look intoxicated or on a drug of some type, sweating profusely and looking beady eyed at the camera.  He tried to exude dominance by calling on each caller, telling some to unmute, and telling others “thank you.”  Your act got old, and you realized it about an hour into the meeting. You were being dragged to filth by every caller, you were called a rapist, folks said they hate you, and also told more times than I could count to F*** Off.”  Then like the coward you are, you tried to sign off the call, prompting fellow enabler Deb Fudge to call the question on demanding you to resign.  The motion carried 2-1, Esther being an adult recused herself from the meeting under conflict-of-interest laws, you wouldn’t provide such concessions.  You signed off after, leaving Deb Fudge, and Sam Salmon (I won’t call them councilmembers, they enabled you, more on them in another installment) to pick up the pieces and continue the meeting.  Dominic it’s very obvious you are a narcissistic sociopath. Your blank stare said it all. You’re pure evil. Watch the tape, Dominic.  The dragging continued even after you left, Dominic your entire town hates you.  Please step down, you are causing so much unneeded attention to a town you claim to love.  Laugh at a recall all you want, but your political career is on fire and this will be a blow-out loss for you.

Up next will be the folks covering for Dominic, it’s a bomb shell report!

The Chief

Blogger commentary:  The cockroaches are scrambling since this blog shined some light on the situation. Folks this blog averages 25 – 60 hits on a given article and we do not promote it on social media in any form.  However, I received a call from a concerned political operative Sunday AM, and coincidentally by mid evening the blog had over 900 hits, far exceeding our average. Clearly someone on social media is interested in Dominic’s malfeasance. We even had a lawyer threaten a cease-and-desist in the comment thread, rather than contacting the editor in chief directly.  I do not know many lawyers working on a Sunday afternoon. Even stranger was the lawyer found our blog when we didn’t mention his client’s last name.  To the political operative, I certainly hope you are not passing info along to the campaign being orchestrated by Mr. Foppoli or any associate of his, as it has come to our attention, he is running an intimidation campaign in Windsor as we speak.  I am giving you a chance to go on record. We will redact your name and you can remain anonymous, but we here at the blog find it very hard to believe when our articles don’t come up on a Google search yet we get 900 page views. You will not silence this blog or this blogger. 

To the women out there who saw this article, if you were assaulted, raped, harassed, or even just have a story to tell, reach out to us.  We will connect you to someone who will help you get a measure of justice that is independent of anyone associated with our blog. We will give you a phone number and that’s it. If you want to share your story less your name, you may. Any woman brave enough to step forward is a true rock star. If you think you are alone, believe me, you are not. The number of victims that have come forward thus far is much greater than the six previously mentioned in media reports.  Reach out, Dominic is a disgusting creep, a rapist, and a sexual predator.

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