Gavin Newsom Now Bribing Voters

What a time to be alive!  I fire up the KCRA 3 news app, and viola!  The CA state legislature has authorized 5.7 million folks to get stimulus payments.  If you are here illegally, as in you should not be here, then you get $600!  But…in the words of that guy who sells Ronco knives on TV infomercials….”but wait, there’s more!” 

If you make less than $75k after accounting for deductions, YOU TOO GET A CHECK!  Another $600, so if you’re illegal and make less then 75k (since when do people being paid in cash file taxes?) you get a cool $1,200, just for living here.  This is a modern-day bribe.

Don’t believe me, see for yourself.

About $2.3 billion of the money will go to people who claim and receive the California earned income tax credit. In general, that’s people who earn $30,000 a year or less.

Another $470 million will go to people who earn a maximum of $75,000 per year after deductions and use an individual taxpayer identification number to file their income taxes. These are mostly people who don’t have Social Security numbers, including immigrants.

Some people fit both of those categories. In those cases, they will get $1,200, not $600. The Democratic-controlled state Legislature did this because most people who file their taxes this way are immigrants who were not eligible for federal stimulus checks Congress approved last year.

About $993 million will go to people who get help from state programs targeting low-income families, the elderly, the blind and the disabled.

California OKs $600 stimulus payments to 5.7 million people

According to the article, you get your check 3-4 weeks from Franchise Tax Board after you file your taxes.  I would file ASAP, because this state already allowed convicts, felons, folks on death row, and “US Senators” to obtain fraudulent payments via our unemployment board (EDD).  There is no telling when the cash will run out so I would claim earlier as opposed to later.  BTW most folks making around 100k will end up under the 75k threshold after mortgage interest, federal tax, and charitable donations are deducted.  Oh well.

Just remember, the recall should be certified around early April.  The election must be held a couple months or so after that, about when your check will arrive.  No word if it will be stuffed inside your recall ballot.  But I digress.  Pretty sad for a guy to pay you to vote for him, but at least this will be construed as a legal exchange between consenting adults.

The Chief

Editor’s Note: Yesterday Gavin also gave slackers another gift from the Franchise Tax Board when FTB was instructed to halt debt collections from tax filers until July 31, 2021. Unless I missed something, tax filings are still due on April 15th; therefore, the State’s best chance to collect money from resident’s tax returns will be null and void for the second year in a row. This amounts to Newsom commanding that the debts that taxpayers owe to the State be written-off by various state agencies. Typically, state agencies will attempt collection for two years before writing-off the money as a bad debt. In a typical year, if the money is not collected by April 15th then it likely never will be.