Trump, Race, and Nonsense

I just read another nonsensical screed by the Associated Press claiming that President Trump won’t denounce racism. The author then goes on to claim that antifa doesn’t really exist, that it’s just an ideology not an organization. The author also has the hutzpah to claim that the protests in places like Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Louisville, etc. are peaceful and nonviolent. Really? In short Trump is a liar and the rest of the world knows it.

President Trump refuses to disavow white supremacy during debate

Folks, this is such a pile of steaming excrement that it should need no rebuttal but sadly, such are the times that we live in.

What Associated Press and their fellow travelers have done is erect a strawman argument which exists only in their minds. When Trump tries to engage in facts and not the fictional constructs of his opponents, they denounce him for not accepting their premise. Think of the Left (the media, Democrats, etc.) loving the emperor’s new clothes. When Trump points out that the emperor is naked, they attack him for his ignorance.

The first thing that you need to know as you dive into this subject is that the Left has its own unique definitions for terms which are often at odds with the plain and standard meaning, at least when compared to your English dictionary.

On the Left, the first error that you will encounter is their definition of “racism”. You see, in the Liberal lexicon only white people can be racist. Hatred that blacks have towards, whites, Mexican, Jews, Koreans, or any other groups is not racism. Unless you agree with the lie that black hatred cannot be racist simply due to their skin color, but all whites are filled with hatred due to their skin color, then you will never grasp the parameters of the subject. The fact that such a claim is a perversion of the meaning for “racist”, is irrelevant. Oh, other non-whites can sometimes make the same claim against whites as long as they don’t call blacks racist. Blacks own the issue but will grant limited use of the term to other groups when it serves to advance the false narrative.

Also, Liberal politicians can wield the racism mantra as long as they are Democrats. Yep, the Party that is home to the KKK, has exclusive claim to call their political opponents racist; although they will occasionally throw the black guy under the bus if it helps the party. (Treckkies–think token red shirts in the landing party.) See our blog post on Jerry Brown and the Democrats killing the State Board of Equalization if you need an example.

Locally, this issue is playing out in the mayoral race. If you oppose Steve Ly for his alleged ethical lapses, then you are racist against the Hmong people.

Elk Grove mayoral debate interrupted by demonstrations

To further complicate the race topic, Liberals think first and foremost of people as groups, conservatives look at people as individuals. Liberals claim and mantle of Dr. King, but Conservatives are the only ones that believed him when he talked about judging people by the content of their character not the color of their skin.

Thus, when a Conservative and a Liberal talk with each other about race or a variety of other topics, they are not really discussing the same thing because they have no common point of reference.

The next thing to remember when talking about race, especially when President Trump is concerned, is that it is assumed that Trump is racist and no amount of evidence to the contrary can change their minds. The fact that Blacks, Hispanics, and every other demographic group is better off under his administration than they were under Obama is irrelevant to any Liberal. Trump is (fill in blank) and that’s the end of the discussion.

The logic is this:

Liberal: “Trump is racist.”
Normal person: “Why?
Liberal: “Because Trump is racist.”

Oh, the Associated Press had more zingers of BS in their alleged news story.

Remember those riots in cities run by Democrats? The ones CNN et al. have refused to cover. You know, the ones where black business owners are shot and have their businesses looted and destroyed by people claiming that Some Black Lives Matter? The guys that want to defund the police departments in places like Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, and yes, Sacramento.

Per the AP story, none of it ever happened. Nope. Democrats only engage in peaceful protests and love law and order. I wonder how big the check was from George Soros to sell that whopper of a tale.

Trump has tried to tie incidents of violence that have accompanied largely peaceful protests to Biden and the Democrats…

Oh, there’s more in this paragraph.

Trump has tried to tie incidents of violence that have accompanied largely peaceful protests to Biden and the Democrats, running on a “law and order” message that warns people won’t be safe under a Democratic president. It’s a message aimed squarely at white suburban voters, including women who voted for Trump in 2016 but may not do so again.

Folks I can’t name a single person that voted for Trump in 2016 that will not enthusiastically vote for him again in 2020. The above paragraph from AP is a load of manure. Why wouldn’t women (and men), black, white, or whatever vote for Trump? He deserves the vote. The unstated assumption by the author is that women may not vote for Trump because he’s putting a woman on the Supreme Court and we all know she is evil because she believes in God and is prolife. Yep, she has a problem with women’s rites and as a result, suburban women may not vote for Trump unless he scares them into voting for him on another basis.

If you need even more proof that I’m right about racism, then try this paragraph.

At another point in the debate, when discussing a Trump administration move to end racial sensitivity training in the federal government, Biden directly called Trump a racist. He also accused him of trying to sow racist hatred and racist division in the country.

Again, Trump sees people as individuals not groups. Trump wants everyone’s vote so why would he alienate anyone. Up until Covid, minorities were doing way better under Trump that Obama, so exactly how does that make Trump a racist?

The racial sensitivity training is nonsense and promoting a Liberal viewpoint that is nonsense and hateful. If we’d practice the Golden Rule instead of outlaw it in the public square our nation would be in a better place.

Biden called Trump a racist?! That’s laughable.

Here’s our pop quiz for the day:

Who said the following in 2007, Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

Most noteworthy is what he says about Barack Obama: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.

Obama Clean, Articulate, Bright African-American

Hint, the speaker is judging Obama on the basis of his ethnic group and skin color.

Sorry but our time is up.

If you guessed Donald Trump said the above, then perhaps you should not vote in this election because you clearly haven’t been paying attention to what Joe Biden really says.

I don’t think I’ve exhausted the subject, but I feel better having vented about the AP article.

The verbal and textual gymnastics employed to craft this article by the writer at Associated Press would make a Liberal biblical scholar envious.

This article is yet another illustration of my favorite quote from Walter Martin, “A text without a context is a pretext…usually for error.” In reality we learn very little about the debate last night and much about the beliefs and prejudice of the author.