Covid Sheep Continue to Amuse Us

As the pandemic continues, the editorial board met at a new salsa bar, one that made sure we would not be exposed to the ‘rona whilst eating inside. However, we were exposed to the dirty air from the fires burning all over the state but alas I digress. So here are some stories to share about the sheep following the orders of all the different folks they see on TV or whichever article comes up on Google.

The Assistant Dean at a charter school: This one is gold. This person refuses to go into the office due to corona concerns. Keep in mind the schools are 100% distance learning and the staff on campus is very minimal. So, she has been granted a special exemption to work from home. One weekend, back in the old days when the sun was visible, I decided to get out of the house and drive the ole vehicle. After wandering to various places, I found myself at Discovery Park near the river in Sacramento. A cursory search of the parking lot drew my attention to a vehicle decked out in Biden/Sanders stickers, a perfect match as I recognized the car. It turns out that chicken to go to work lady was at the beach, hardly the crime of the century but I figured I’d go have a look. Low and behold, there she was at a large party (over 200) folks down at the beach area of the river, nary a mask in sight, and social distancing of maybe 1 foot. My point being these people are the worst and are the primary reason we are all wearing masks in public. An outbreak likely occurred and as a direct result numbers spike keeping businesses closed.

90-Day Guy weighs in: This was even more rare gold! He comes into the office wearing one of those fancy Darth Vader looking masks with a valve, thinking he is beating the ‘rona. It’s funny because even Fauci and Beilensen have come out and said that mask is literally useless; it protects neither you nor the others around you. 90-Day Guy said it was to protect him from the smoky air…. wow. Then he came in a couple days later with an oddly placed N95 mask that didn’t cover his nose…. again, what’s the point? After I explained most do not wear the mask properly, he said he found the mask on the ground….yes he said that. He showed up with a different mask today and proclaimed he thinks he got the virus from the bad air….yes even though science doesn’t back that claim or basically anyone in the medical field, he thinks he got it from the air. Talk about blowing smoke…

More frustrating is my folks reaction to the teacher at the river. They immediately backed the worker at my mom’s school saying she has the right to be scared of coming into work…yet partying with others isn’t a problem? This makes no sense if we need to “slow the spread.” 90-Day Guy then accused me of being worried about the virus. He claims he watches no television but has panic/anxiety attacks almost daily. Folks if you are wondering, I do not wear a mask at work, never have. I work in a public building that likely see’s 150 people a day at least come through. I work with 1 co-worker he is 72. We are around each other all the time and are both very active in extracurricular activities. My point is neither of us have had any symptoms, nor are either of us worried. We live our lives daily, we comply with Comrade Newsom’s mandate when in a store, and we seem to have no issues with panic or anxiety. These are the types of people, and we all know someone who are irrationally scared of this virus, please wake up, listen to doctors not cable!

In closing here is a conversation I had with an aunt of mine who is a specialist doctor in Chicago. (for context, she is very liberal…thinks Sanders is a moderate). She said the masking idea is pointless for most as it creates a false sense of security; especially those wearing the Darth Vader or N95 mask incorrectly. She astutely points out 95% of those not in the medical field don’t know how to wear them, reason being medical folks need to take a class on how to properly wear them! She says most are treating them like underwear figuring, well I guess it goes this way? That said, she figures we will be masking until June because too many folks are scared of misinformation! We have come a long way in treating this, no longer will you be taken to a nursing home, or immediately put on a ventilator. We have converted most hospitals so they have a “Covid wing” as opposed to just grabbing any available bed, you will be served by a staff also isolated from non-Covid patients. It is not the death sentence it once was even for high risk people. In addition, in regard to vaccines, do not take unless it is absolutely mandated for your livelihood! Most don’t know but vaccines need to pass 3 phases, which equates to roughly 3 years, even with a fast track. While it is a good thing that we have about 7 companies competing and she is happy Trump is trying to push a vaccine quicker; however, this could be a recipe for a complete disaster. Not to scare anyone but typically the first one to the open market gets all the market share…. buyer beware.

Johnnie Does