Newsom Uses Power of the Sword to Shakedown Modoc, Sutter, and Yuba Counties

In the wake of the highest nationwide unemployment numbers since the Great Depression, the Governor has threatened to withhold State money from Modoc, Sutter, and Yuba counties because they dare to go back to work. Please remember that Modoc has had exactly ZERO CASES of Covid-19 and is operating under the same rules as Los Angeles County which has half the cases in the State.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is warning three counties that they could lose disaster funding if they continue to defy his stay-at-home order.

Officials in Yuba, Sutter and Modoc counties have all allowed businesses to reopen because they have fewer coronavirus cases than other parts of the state.

The director of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services sent a letter to the three counties on Thursday warning they might lose their eligibility for the funding.

A spokesman for Yuba and Sutter counties said local leaders are working to do what is best for the overall health of their communities.

California governor warns 3 counties could lose disaster aid

But that’s not all. Newsom has deployed every regulatory agency at his disposal to threaten businesses in these counties that dare to open without permission regardless of what precautions these people are taking or what their working conditions may be. In fact, nobody is actually checking up on them or determining the facts on the ground, state agencies are simply going thru their Rolodex and cold calling everyone and making threats.

YUBA/SUTTER COUNTIES (CBS13) – A number of businesses in Yuba and Sutter counties are rethinking their reopenings after being contacted by state agencies that could revoke their licenses.

Hairdresser Amy Johnson believes she may be one of the few cosmetologists still working in the surrounding area. Many, including some of her own staff at Rockabetty Salon in Yuba City, are afraid of sanctions the state could impose.

“Everyone is scared to open because of the vague statement and the phone calls from the board,” Johnson said.

Some Yuba-Sutter Businesses Choose To Close After Being Contacted By State Agencies

“I just note there’s 33 salons that shut down in two counties in the last couple days similarly because they got a call from some of our state officials saying, “Is this the best thing for your employees? Is this the best thing for public health and your community?” Newsom said.

Johnson got those calls, too, but explained all the steps she was taking to protect her customers and staff.

Her clients must wear masks, disinfect their hands and shoes before entering her salon, answer COVID-19 related questions at the door, sign a waiver and space out once inside. Johnson says she’s operating under local county guidelines, and all of her customers are out within 30 minutes.

“Lots of haircuts and lots of people walking out with wet hair having to come back for a second appointment,” she said. “Our county order is lifted so I feel confident in working.”

Krankin Hanks owner Henry Stuevie feels that confidence, too. But he chose to close his bar down, once Alcohol Beverage Control came knocking.

“Gavin Newsom got mad at Yuba-Sutter so he sent out what he has control over, the liquor license,” Stuevie said. “We were allowing to come in, sit down order dinner, have a beer. Have a drink if you want.”

He was ready to let the liquor flow at his Marysville bar when Yuba and Sutter counties decided to reopen some businesses again at the beginning of the week until ABC came by. He said the conversation was friendly, but the ordinance he was delivered by them had a different tone, calling them disorderly and saying he could lose his liquor license if he continued on.

“Just the threat of taking my liquor license was enough for me to say I can’t lose it,” Stuevie said. “It took me two years to get it, and this would be a useless building without it.”

When you live in a one-party state, and that Party thinks government is their god, they will compel obedience or else. To them, politics is simply an exercise of raw power. Their job is to make rules for us which somehow, they tend to be exempted from, funny how that part works. We end up with tyrants and tyranny every time we exchange liberty for security, even from a virus.