Hidin’ Biden: Iowa Backup Plan

OK, let me get this straight. 99.999 percent of the tech industry and Silicon Valley, are Democrat and these guys think they live only to impose their political views on the rest of the world. They constantly boost Internet posts about Trump and Russian interference in elections and have for the better part of four years, but when their guys get to run their own election, the only results we get out of Iowa are the ones that aren’t run by Democrats; i.e. Trump won the Republican Caucus? Complete with results no less!!

Folks, every Dem that campaigned in Iowa is claiming victory except Joe Biden. That in itself tells you all that you need to know. As pointed out by others today, how much money have the Democrats pumped into Iowa in an effort to get early momentum? Now the results are tainted and any momentum from Iowa is nullified.

We told you that they would give Bernie the shaft in Iowa, but even I am surprised at this maneuver. The process is just a mess. But never fear, Nevada is planning on using virtually the same app for their Democrat primary in just a few short weeks…Oh, joy!

Next up is New Hampshire next Tuesday. Perhaps they will use paper ballots. I hope so, I miss Hanging Chads a lot more than votes originating in “the cloud” and trust a paper trail more than none at all.