Paradise: Lies and Statistics

The California State Auditor has rested from her labors filtering names for the citizen’s committee on redistricting long enough to release a report on the financial health of California’s cities. The quote on “lies, damn lies, and statistics” comes to mind when you read about Paradise, California being listed at moderate financial risk. Gee, maybe you could put an asterisk on that or something. Last we checked, those folks got their ashes kicked by a small conflagration and then PG&E & their insurance carriers piled on.

Paradise reported at moderate financial risk

If you want a preview of coming attractions, start clicking on the filters on the left side of the interactive map page; especially, Future Pension Costs. Remember that this data is several years old, and the trend is not getting better.

Future Pension Costs –Sacramento
Future Pension Costs –San Francisco Bay Area

I’m so glad that the politicians made sure government employees are in the front of the line when creditors line-up to claim their share of the carcass when all this goes south. Meanwhile, mostly empty lifeboats are departing daily for Texas and other locations.

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