Government Warns Apple Owners not to Upgrade to iOS 13

The United States Department of Defense issued a warning today telling iPhone users not to upgrade to Apple’s newest Operating System iOS 13. Despite fan boy, Rush Limbaugh’s recent on air praise of everything Apple, I think, were I unfortunate enough to own such a device, in this instance, I would do what the guys with black helicopters tell me to do.

It’s also worth noting the US Department of Defense (via INC) sent the following email to its users:

DOD Mobility strongly encourages you to NOT update, to avoid known Apple iOS 13 bugs. Apple is expected to release iOS 13.1 at the end of September 2019 to address bugs. DMUC users can expect follow-on messaging within the next two weeks with updated guidance.

US DOD advices against installing today’s iOS 13.0 as 13.1 scheduled for next week

If you dig further into the reasons, apparently the wiz kids from Cupertino forgot to pay the exterminator last quarter and as a result, the shiny new OS comes with a wide assortment of bugs that they forgot to squash. Apple has already promised that they are working feverishly on iOS 13.1 which will hit the street in about another week.

Apple has also moved up iOS 13.1 to September 24 from September 30. The reason? Bugs. Apple’s new iPhones will ship with iOS 13.0 tomorrow, an experience that has been panned by reviewers as being full of bugs. Users have reported crashes, hangs, and random reboots in use.

As a follower of 90-day Guy, it seems no surprise that 13.1 hits just before the end of the calendar quarter. Coincidence? I think not. Wanna bet 13.2 or whatever the next number is will be out around Christmas?

Oh, if you haven’t heard, Apple wants you to know they put cameras in their phones. For some reason, Apple’s marketing department has decided to lead with this feature. Based on the fact that Apple phones have the worst picture quality I’ve ever seen, it wouldn’t be hard for them to improve their phone’s cameras. My old Windows Lumia phone takes better pictures than my coworker’s new iPhone.

Tech blogs are also underwhelmed by Apple’s new product offerings. We agree that innovation left the building about the time Steve Jobs left the planet. I’m still wondering if SD Cards and USB-C will ever be a thing for Apple users. Probably not… unless Apple can convince people they invented the technology.

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